Download & save webpages offline in Chrome

Do you want to download website and save its webpages on the computer? Often, webpages break when you try to save them for offline reading. In the Google Chrome, you can save webpages in exact original formatting for reading them later without the internet connection. This is possible

Save Word 2010 document in different file format

By default document created in Microsoft Word 2010 program are saved in docx format. You need to convert docx documents into doc format to able to open them in previous version of MS Office software. You can use Microsoft Word 2010 program to save current document in different file format,

How to print on both sides of paper [duplex printing]

Printing can be expensive and resource hogging routine. Besides minimizing print ink usage by using various methods of font & size, you can also minimize paper usage through duplex printing method. It involves printing on both sides of the paper. Make sure you check if  Duplex printing

3 tools to Backup & Save Twitter account tweets

Twitter has grown into big platform to express and socialize with people around the world. With so many people using Twitter and loads of contents being posted every minute - do you feel the need to backup your Twitter account contents (just incase)? Following tools should help in easy

Save Icon of any file, program or file extension

Are you looking for easy way to save icon of a specific file or program or file extension? "Find Associated Icons" utility makes this all easy involving few simple clicks. You can load any file or program in the application to view associated details like: system name, content type,

Cut & split photo in pieces to prevent copy or save

There are number of ways to prevent copy or save of images displayed on a webpage like watermarking photos with logo, disabling right click menu etc. If making photos ugly by adding watermark does not please you, try splitting photo in pieces to prevent copy or save of the original photo.

Save Twitter links to Delicious, automatically!

Delicious is an awesome service to save links of different websites in a neat manner with proper tagging. Twitter is an awesome service to share, share and share lots of links laden daily ramblings. However, Twitter does not have good setup of browsing and organizing old links laden

Paste & store any damn code online at Pastry

Pastry is a simple, sweet (& delicious) online tool to paste any damn code and keep track of it. Just open the online editor, select the syntax type from drop down menu and start pasting. When done with paste process, hit the submit button to get unique URL to access your

Share clever money saving tips at Google TipJar

"Call your cable tv company to cancel your service. Most companies will offer a monthly discount to keep you as a customer. I tried to cancel and was offered $40 off each month. I'm saving over $480 each year now." "Don't be a social network (****book) junkie. Try to divert that time

Cache & save any webpage online with Backup URL

Backup URL is an interesting web service to backup and save any URL or webpage online. BackupURL save and store specific webpages on its servers and allows you to access those pages anytime. It also generates shortened URL for each webpage for easy access without having to remember long

Save & share anything on internet with Thumbtack

For starters, Thumbtack is an online bookmarking service from Microsoft Live Labs. First thing that strike you about this service is interface - its damn cool with all that ajax effect and pure dag-drop functionality. To get started, create an account on Thumbtack website. Then drag the