How to prevent Email address capture by spam bots

Your email address is very valuable for online marketing companies and they are always ready to capture it. Once spammers get hold of your email ID details, the ordeal of automated spam email messages begin. One might argue: "I never submitted my email ID to any list, still receiving lot

Sort & view Outlook [Hotmail] emails by size

Live Hotmail was re-launched in the form on with all new user interface. Many users have already converted email addresses from to ID. Even though storage space is not an issue while using email service, there is always an urge to sort and

Change @hotmail to get new email address

Microsoft has again changed name of its web based email service. Latest Microsoft's email offering come in the form of "Outlook" branding with look and feel of metro interface as seen in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. New look '' email service is definitely very impressive

Easily filter & track sent Gmail messages by labels

If you send lot of email messages using Gmail service, then you must be spending lot of time in 'Sent Mail' section trying to find and look for specific sent message(s). Ideally, every sent Gmail message can be found in 'Sent Mail' section. To make things easier for sent email message(s)

Delete & remove Email accounts from iPad

Besides accessing visually rich content, Apple iPad can be used to check and send email messages. You can setup email account on ipad by adding one or more email accounts. For privacy, you may delete any or all email accounts on your ipad (say, when you are loaning iPad to a friend

Change Gmail inbox style to view unread, important, starred emails

Gmail is a daily routine for many web users. With so many email messages sent and received - managing email overload can be a task. Gmail introduced Priority inbox feature sometime back to ease out email overload and allow quick viewing of emails that are important to you. Now Gmail has

Show & hide Labels in Gmail inbox

Labels provide quick and easy way to organize Gmail email messages based of specific criterion. For example: you can label messages related to your work as 'Job', while email messages from friends can be labelled as 'personal'. You can create multiple Gmail Labels and assign more than one

Create & assign Label to Gmail messages

Labels feature in Gmail provide easy way to organize email messages. You can create multiple labels and add / assign more than one label to specific email message. Further, you can view all email messages with specific label for quick browsing of messages as per requirement. You can get

Setup multiple email ID aliases on Hotmail

Many users keep multiple email ID accounts for different personal, business and networking needs. If you are a Hotmail (Windows Live) email user, you can setup different multiple email IDs and still use same existing Hotmail account. This is possible by create Hotmail aliases feature. You

How to open dbx files

DBX is a file format extension for email message files for Outlook Express. DBX files correspond to specific folders like inbox.dbx, drafts.dbx, folders.dbx, Sent Items.dbx and Deleted Items.dbx in Outlook application program. Such DBX folders should be opened using specific application

How to search emails in Gmail quickly

Do you want to quickly search for specific email messages instead of manual browsing of messages in your Gmail inbox? You can easily search and view email messages that you actually need by using advanced Gmail's email search operator (words). Based on your searching needs, you can mix

Search & view muted messages in Gmail

You can mute long conversations that do not interest you to prevent them from showing in inbox. Mute Gmail messages feature help keep inbox clean and free from unwanted conversations from appearing. Further, you can unmute any muted conversation thread and move it to inbox. However, for