How to send Large files through email

Do you want to send large files through an email message? All email services has feature to attach files to an email message and deliver successfully. However, these attachment limits are very small and strict for sending large files. Word "large" has different meaning in terms of size for

What is maximum email attachment size [Gmail, Yahoo]

Not sure about maximum email file attachment size that can be sent via email? Maximum email attachment size limit vary according to email provider being used. Each email provider has own limits on file size that can be attached to an email message and delivered successfully. Gmail /

5 ways to Send EXE file through Gmail, Yahoo Mail

EXE executable files run and execute embedded contents on single click. This pose serious security risk and majority of top web based email service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail does not allow attaching / sending of EXE files via email. However, there are number of workarounds to send EXE files

Find & Merge duplicate Gmail contacts automatically

Contacts listing grow as we send and receive emails in Gmail. It is important to keep contacts organized and tidy for easy navigation to required contact at specific time. We have already seen how to merge duplicate contacts one by one in Gmail contact manager. Now you can automate this

How to mark Email message as UnRead in Gmail

Sometimes we open an email message but do not have time to read it. We mark the message "unread" to make it appear in unread messages for easy identification to read that message next time you open Gmail inbox. If you happen to receive lot of emails, then "mark unread" option can come

Open Microsoft Outlook dbx Email files with free Mail Viewer

Are you looking for an easy way to open and view Microsoft Outlook Express messages? MiTeC Mail Viewer is a free standalone program to browse and read messages of (.idx .mbx .dbx) mail folder. You can also view EML files and message database of Windows Vista Mail / Windows Live Mail and

Remove text & character formatting from email text

Email can have lot of character formatting, specially forwarded emails contain loads of ">" characters. Manually editing and removing such characters takes lot of time and effort. How about doing it with a click of button using StripMail? It is a free application that can free up email

Access Yahoo, Gmail & AOL email in Hotmail account

Now you can see emails from any POP enabled email account within your Hotmail account. You can add any POP enabled Yahoo! Mail (Plus), AOL Mail, and Gmail accounts to your existing Hotmail account for easy access. You need to enter login details of other POP email account in Hotmail to use

Filter Yahoo Mail inbox by contacts & connections

Yahoo Mail has added 2 new filters that can come real handy in managing email overload. Now you can filter emails in your Yahoo inbox by contacts and connections. For starters, contacts will display email messages from people you have manually added to your Yahoo Mail contact list.

Import & receive Hotmail messages in Gmail

Hotmail was a hottest email web service in the past. If you still have a Hotmail email account with constant stream of incoming emails and prefer to use Gmail on regular basis, then here is a cool trick for you. Recently Hotmail POP3 was enabledfor all, you can use this feature to import

Undo Send message in Gmail – the panic button!

Did you click on send button on email message in Gmail and later realized something is missing in that message? You forgot to attach an important file or mention critical details in the email and now regret sending that incomplete email message! Well, Gmail gets its panic button which

Access Hotmail in any Email software, POP3 for all

POP3 technology is now available to all users of Hotmail worldwide. As a result, you can set up Hotmail in the e-mail program on your PC or mobile device. [POP3 technology - It is a protocol that allows almost any e-mail software program that you’ve installed on your mobile phone or PC