How to open dbx files


DBX is a file format extension for email message files for Outlook Express. DBX files correspond to specific folders like inbox.dbx, drafts.dbx, folders.dbx, Sent Items.dbx and Deleted Items.dbx in Outlook application program. Such DBX folders should be opened using specific application program. Any attempt to open them manually will corrupt folders.

1. Use free Mail Viewer program

You can download free Mail Viewer program for opening dbx, mbx and idx files of Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 message database.

Additionally, it also support Windows Vista Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird message databases and standalone EML files. Each message can be viewed in detailed view including attachments and HTML preview. This is handy free email viewer program for Windows XP, Vista and 7 computers.

2. Open dbx file in Outlook Express

I. Open Outlook Express program and then goto File > Import > Messages.

II. Then select Outlook Express (6 or 5) and click Next to continue. Make sure you select “Import mail from an OE6 store directory” or “Import mail from an OE5 store directory” for Outlook Express 6 or 5 respectively.

III. Then browse to select .dbx file that you want to open. Click Finish to open the file.

3. Open in Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 PC

You can import DBX folder into Windows Live Mail program on Windows 7 computer to view its contents. Goto File > Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and then locate the correct DBX folder.


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