Save Twitter links to Delicious, automatically!


Delicious is an awesome service to save links of different websites in a neat manner with proper tagging. Twitter is an awesome service to share, share and share lots of links laden daily ramblings. However, Twitter does not have good setup of browsing and organizing old links laden tweets.


How about using power of Delicious for Twitter content? Tweecious makes this possible by saving tweets containing links to your delicious account, automatically. Besides saving links in delicious account, it also neatly tags them (like we usually do manually in Delicious).

Grab Tweecious Firefox extension [via] for your Firefox browser. To get started, just enter login details for your Twitter and Delicious accounts. It will automatically fetch tweet with links and save then in your Delicious account regularly from time to time, without bugging you. Cool, isn’t it?



  1. Woh, really cool , i haven,t use delicious ad have to fort install toolbar , waste lot of time , i already connected twitter with facebook , and twitter with twitter feeds….
    So this will be good , my stories will be automatically going to delicious from twitter, can you tell more bookmarking sites like delicious, like we can connect with twitter or facebook.

  2. Uhhh…We should have the option to choose from exporting the links from my posts and link from followers posts. Is this possible? What do you think? It would be very nice! Congratulations for this firefox tool!

  3. i didnt get it, which links are saved to delicious? Links that point to delicious bookmarks or the blog links we tweet?

    • @HariharaKumar All tweets containing weblinks will be saved to your delicious account and tagged automatically. Tweets containing NO links (like I am fine, OK etc) won’t be exported to Delicious account.

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