FoxSaver turns Firefox into ScreenSaver & PhotoViewer


We have already seen how to turn Firefox into full blown file explorer, complete Email Client and here is more. FoxSaver converts Firefox into a screensaver and photoviewer.

When your computer is idle, Foxsaver launch a photo show in Firefox browser like a screensaver. You can configure the time for the slideshow launch and other options. Photos in the slideshow can be taken from number of sources.

You can add your own photos or let it display photos uploaded by users at foxsaver website. You can show specific type of photos by creating own club at foxsaver photo community. If you have dual monitor, you can move your FireFox to another screen and enjoy the view while working.

It is like turning Firefox browser window into digital photo frame, that also works as cool screensaver. Download Foxsaver and do more (photo-wise) with your Firefox web browser!


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