Download beautiful Chromecast Screensaver photos

Google Chromecast comes loaded with default screensaver slideshow of beautiful images. It is activated automatically when you do not cast music or videos. Interesting part is, this screensaver is updated by Google in the back-end and new photos are continuously added to this photo

Download Office 2010 screensaver with video tips & tricks

Learning to use an application software program by manually reading help tutorials can be real boring. If you are getting to know Microsoft Office 2010, then here is avery unique and interesting way to quickly learn on 'how to use various tools in Microsoft Office 2010' - through Office

Blank computer display screen with screensaver

Do you want to blank out computer display screen without pressing turn off button on the monitor? You can easily do this through "Blank screensaver" program. It is a portable and very basic portable screensaver program. Just double click the blank screensaver file to blank out the monitor

Enable, disable Screensaver in single click

Screensaver is a cool feature to bring motion to computer screen while PC is sitting idle. However, screensaver can play spoilsport while using few applications and playing games. It may start and interrupt while you are about to resume or continue some important activity. Screensaver

Create Screensaver by converting SWF Flash file

Do you have SWF flash file that would look cool as screensaver? If yes, then grab free application "FlashForge" for quick and easy screensaver creation. This application allows you to convert any SWF flash file into cool looking screensaver. Final screensaver can be installed and removed

Harry Potter & the half blood prince Wallpapers, photos

Harry Potter mania is back on big screen. Latest edition of Harry Potter movie "the half blood prince" is about to release in coming days. Before the movie hits the big screen, catch all Harry Potter goodies from this edition of Harry Potter adventure. Official website has all the goodies

US Independence Day (4th July) Wallpapers & photos

Independence Day (4th July) is around the corner. We have already seen Yahoo Messenger goodies to get into the spirit of 4th July Independence Day. Here are few more goodies for color splash in your Techno Life. Checkout cool resources to download US Independence Day (4th July) wallpapers

Visualize Towers of Hanoi with Puzzle Scrensaver

Towers of Hanoi is a classic mathematical-logical problem by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas. Traditionally, it details as: "... Somewhere in a temple there live some monks who got to move a tower of 64 differently sized disks from one bar to another, using a third bar as a

Download Cat & Dog screen lick screensavers

Want to see a dog or cat licking your computer screen in trying to keep it wet and clean? If you love cats or dogs or both - then grab screen lick screensaver in which a cat / dog keeps licking your computer screen. It cool, funny and very clean looking (duh!). From now on, your

Vodafone ZooZOo ad wallpapers & screensaver

Vodafone ZooZOo advertisement is creating quiet a stir all around. It is being liked by everyone from kids to aged people. Vodafone has created 30 such advertisements and everyday a new ZooZOo advertisement is shown during IPL cricket match day. ZooZOo characters are cute, charming

Heart on Fire Screensaver, wallpaper, desktop gadget

See flaming heart on your computer with 'Heart on Fire' goodies including: screensaver, wallpapers and a desktop gadget. It shows live heart beating while heart shape object burns bright on the desktop. It renders unbelievable realistic and smooth real-time fire effect. Heart on Fire

3D object Juggle screensaver, exercise your eyes

Looks like season of staying healthy 'techno wise'. We just saw how to use Google talk to calculate calorie count of any food item and here is more. Checkout 3D Juggle Saver that show a figure juggling number of objects. Juggling animation is very smooth with number of variations and