Visualize Towers of Hanoi with Puzzle Scrensaver


Towers of Hanoi is a classic mathematical-logical problem by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas. Traditionally, it details as: “… Somewhere in a temple there live some monks who got to move a tower of 64 differently sized disks from one bar to another, using a third bar as a temporary stack.”

“… At the beginning all disks are sorted by size, and in the end they must be sorted the same way. Now as the disks are very fragile the disks must be moved one by one and a bigger one may never be laid on a smaller one. When the monks have finished moving the disks the world ends.”


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Now you can visualize similar Towers of Hanoi logical problem with Puzzle of Hanoi screensaver. Instead of 64 disks you can chose between 3 to 32 and configure the screensaver to automatically increase the tower size. You can even save current state and resume later from last saved state. Grab Puzzle of Hanoi Screensaver and be involved in some logical exercise!


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