5 Screensavers for More than just nice View & pleasure


Nice view and pleasure define most of screensaver we install on our PC. Here are few screensavers which provide you some useful information – besides looking nice and good!

1. Anti Smoking Screensaver – Do you keep on trying to quit smoking but always fail and light a cigarette again? Well, this screensaver might help you quit smoking.


2. TwittEarth Screensaver – An impressive 3D Globe to view live tweets from all over the world. This is screensaver is available for free download for Windows XP users (OSx version coming soon).


3. Running Clock Screensaver – It shows an alarm clock running along the countryside road and making short stops for some rest. Will tell you time and keep you in good mood.


4. PolarClock Sreensaver – It shows time in colorful concentric circles. So, besides colorful circles you get to see the time. Also available for Mac.


5. Cities of Earth 3D Screensaver – A beautiful 3D globe showing information about different cities of the world. So, besides good view, healthy dose of geographical information.


Do you know any other screensaver that can fit inn here? Please do share with us by adding a comment!


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