Falling Snow Desktop Screensaver, download it free

There is still time for Christmas and we will prepare you for the big day 'Techno-wise'. We have seen loads of Christmas goodies and here is another one. Falling snow desktop screen saver bring snow

FoxSaver turns Firefox into ScreenSaver & PhotoViewer

We have already seen how to turn Firefox into full blown file explorer, complete Email Client and here is more. FoxSaver converts Firefox into a screensaver and photoviewer. When your computer is idle, Foxsaver launch a photo show in Firefox browser like a screensaver. You can configure

Matrix Style Bits Screensaver, free download

Did you like that matrix style look with black background with numbers flying around? If yes, get the same for your computer with Bits Screensaver. It is a free cool screensaver that fly bits (zeros

Watch Earthquake in 3D real time on your computer

Earthquake 3D is a cool screensaver that allows you to view real time earthquake activity in 3D. It shows 7 days of earthquake activity in a nice graphical manner. While viewing earthquake activity you can zoom and spin the 3D globe. You can also customize the display of earthquake

Shutdown Screensaver will Turn Off PC in 2 minutes

We have already seen 5cool screensavers that do more than just 'nice view'. Shutdown Screensaver is a screensaver that will shut down your computer, if you leave it idle for sometime. After screensaver is activated, it will run a timer for

PC on Caffeine to prevent PC getting locked up

Caffeine is a small program that prevent your PC from activating a screen saver or locking up. Caffeine will keep your PC awake, if it is locking up or going to sleep too often. It works by simulating a keypress once every 59 seconds, so your machine thinks you are still working at

World Journey Screensaver, Download & Relish View !

This is for all the geeks stuck on computer screens and with no time to travel. You can explore beautiful world view right on your computer with 'World Journey' National Geographic Screensaver. "... Your computer screen is a window on the

5 Screensavers for More than just nice View & pleasure

Nice view and pleasure define most of screensaver we install on our PC. Here are few screensavers which provide you some useful information - besides looking nice and good! 1. Anti Smoking Screensaver - Do you keep on trying to quit smoking but always fail and light a cigarette again?

Download Blue Screen Screensaver for BSOD Fun on PC

Fun with Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)? Well, this error is a sure-shot indication of something terribly wrong with the computer. One tries number of ways to boot to Windows with eventual solution of Windows Reinstall (Ouchh!) Well, you can have some fun with your friends with 'Blue

Beijing Olympics Wallpaper & Screensavers Downloads

Beijing Olympics are coming your way soon and China is all busy controlling air pollution in Beijing by banning private vehicles. You can get busy too in Olympics spirit by flaunting official Beijing Olympics Mascot Wallpapers and Screensavers on your computer. Here is preview of

Time in Water with Awesome DropClock Screensaver

Above picture is a small preview of this awesome 'DropClock' screensaver. Visualize time dropping in water on your