View Facebook photos in full screen resolution mode

Just like Facebook's affair with Timeline format feature, photo viewer changes had its share of positive and negative feedback. With introduction of lightbox style Facebook photo viewer, many users explored ways to disable Facebook photo viewer and use the old in-line photo display viewer.

Disable new photo viewer on Facebook

Facebook now display photos in a black border pop-up photo viewer lightbox. Do you want to turn off this photo viewer on Facebook website? By default there is no option to switch back from new photo viewer to default photo browsing on Facebook. However, there are few workarounds and

Open & preview Photoshop PSD files without Photoshop

Being a premium software, buying and installing Adobe Photoshop just to preview PSD Photoshop is not a wise decision. So, Is there way to open open and view PSD files without installing Adobe Photoshop software? You can use free third party utilities to easily preview Photoshop files.

Edit EXIF, IPTC meta data of image files

Meta data of an image file provide basic information of photo like resolution, camera, image editing software used, orientation, file date time and much more. We have already seen tool to view EXIF information and tool to strip / remove EXIF image data. PhotoME is another useful tool for

See image EXIF tags data with free Photo Viewer software

EXIF tags data provide valuable information about specific photo on the computer. It provide details of different aspects of an image like aperture, shutter speed, ISO value, camera model, focal length, time and date and flash settings. "Free Photo Viewer" is a free and lightweight

FoxSaver turns Firefox into ScreenSaver & PhotoViewer

We have already seen how to turn Firefox into full blown file explorer, complete Email Client and here is more. FoxSaver converts Firefox into a screensaver and photoviewer. When your computer is idle, Foxsaver launch a photo show in Firefox browser like a screensaver. You can configure