Create playlist or stack of multiple weblinks on new Delicious

Delicious has been hub of social sharing of weblink for sometime now. Previously it was owned by Yahoo under which it had lot of feature addition including dropping of dots from its domain name and becoming easy to remember website. Now Delicious has new owner and it has

View Delicious bookmark count of any webpage on Google

Do you want to see Delicious bookmark counts for a specific weblink? Also view Delicious bookmark counts for webpages listed on Google Search result pages for specific keyword searches. This can be easily implemented in Google Chrome browser using Delicious/Google Chrome

Save links on Yahoo Messenger chat to Delicious

Delicious has been a popular website for online bookmarking and sharing of weblinks. It went for little makeover dropping its dots and ever since has been improving for better user experience. Now Yahoo Messenger users can easily save links shared in chat window to Delicious account in

Post to Delicious Firefox plugin for easy bookmarks posting

Delicious is one popular social bookmarking website. Users can post their favorite links tagged under different categories for other users to discover bookmarked content easily. "Post to Delicious" is a Firefox extension that makes Delicious posting very easy and quick. It has simple

Save Twitter links to Delicious, automatically!

Delicious is an awesome service to save links of different websites in a neat manner with proper tagging. Twitter is an awesome service to share, share and share lots of links laden daily ramblings. However, Twitter does not have good setup of browsing and organizing old links laden

Listen bookmarked audio on Delicious, the easy way

Delicious has huge listing of weblinks of every type from all over the internet. It has huge bookmark collection of audio bookmarks by its users. Listening to audio bookmarks on Delicious has become easy like never before. They have integrated FoxyPlayer from Yahoo - it is a slick

Create RSS Feed based on your Delicious Tastes

This is something interesting for Delicious addicts. Snackupon is a cool Yahoo Pipes mashup that generates RSS feed with stuff related to your delicious bookmarked content. To get started just enter your 'delicious_username' and click on 'Run Pipe' button. In few seconds (or minutes, Drop its Dots for Crisper

For starters is a popular bookmarking service. It has gone for a makeover, its URL has changed from to This for sure is relief, as many times people will get confused where to put dots in th word 'delicious' to reach this service. Besides