Listen bookmarked audio on Delicious, the easy way


Delicious has huge listing of weblinks of every type from all over the internet. It has huge bookmark collection of audio bookmarks by its users. Listening to audio bookmarks on Delicious has become easy like never before.

They have integrated FoxyPlayer from Yahoo – it is a slick embedded audio player that supports a wider variety of audio formats and inter-operates with the popular FoxyTunes add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This turns your audio bookmarks into a playlist with instant access to listening any song.

As pointed by Delicious blog, by using the “system:media:audio” tag, you can filter most views on Delicious to look for playable audio files. You can even try this on your Network page to see what your friends and contacts have been listening to. Listening music from audio bookmarks on delicious just got easy!


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