How to see latest Chrome bookmarks date wise

Google Chrome's Bookmarks feature is very basic allowing you to view (default order), import or export bookmarked links. If you happen to bookmarks lot of links and organize them in different folders - you may want to see latest or recently added bookmarks in Google Chrome. By default,

Recover deleted favorite bookmarks in Google Chrome & Firefox

Maintaining bookmarks (favorite links) is an important aspect of web browser usage. We bookmark specific webpages or websites as favorite for quicker access in future browsing sessions. Over a period of time, we tend to build big list of bookmarks of various websites of interest. With

See all ‘Facebook Like’ weblinks on one page

Like concept on Facebook is becoming very popular among Facebook users. You can 'like' specific webpage or website by clicking Facebook like button and show your appreciation. Also, your 'Like' for that specific weblink will be posted on your Facebook wall and hence shared among your

Import bookmarks & settings into Chrome

Google Chrome is a flexible and easy to use web browser. If you are making a switch from your current web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) to Google Chrome: you can import and transfer settings, bookmarks, history and settings into Google Chrome browser. After importing

Hide or show Bookmarks bar in Chrome

For few users Bookmarks bar is very important component in a web browser. It allows quick hopping to favorite websites with minimum clicking. You can easily manage favorite websites in bookmarks bar in Google Chrome browser. By default, bookmarks bar is visible in new Chrome window. You

Official Twitter share bookmarklet

Bookmarklet is an easy way to add more functionality to web browser without actually installing anything. If you love to post favorite web links to Twitter while browsing, then checkout official Twitter share bookmarklet. Just click the bookmarklet button to quickly post current webpage

Enable & see Safari bookmarks bar on iPad

Safari is default browser app to surf websites on Apple iPad. We have already seen procedure to clear internet history and cookies stored in Safari on iPad. Few users may have noticed that bookmarks bar in Safari is visible occasionally and does not show up all the time. You can enable

Save links on Yahoo Messenger chat to Delicious

Delicious has been a popular website for online bookmarking and sharing of weblinks. It went for little makeover dropping its dots and ever since has been improving for better user experience. Now Yahoo Messenger users can easily save links shared in chat window to Delicious account in

Backup & restore Firefox bookmarks / favorites

When you reinstall windows or Mozilla firefox browser, browser bookmarks are also deleted. You can easily backup bookmarks (favorite links) from Firefox browser as a small backup file. Once you are done with the reinstall of Windows and / or Firefox browser - import the bookmarks backup

Save & sync Chrome bookmarks on multiple PCs

Google Chrome browser has interesting feature of 'Bookmarks Sync'. It allows you to sync bookmarks on multiple computers that can be accessed through Chrome browser. Once you enable sync feature, Chrome bookmarks (favorite websites) on specific PC are saved in Google account. Any change in

Auto Hide Firefox bookmarks bar for more browsing space

Do you want more visible browsing space in Firefox browser? One easy way to achieve this is by using "Bookmark autohider" plugin. By default it hides the bookmarks bar and it only appears when you mouse hover that area. Hence, during usual browsing you have more visible space as a result

Portable bookmark manager for favorite websites, files & documents

Do you want to keep handy list of favorite stuff on the computer? Fruitfultime portable bookmark manager allows you to stay close with your favorite list of websites, documents, images and files. You can bookmark any website from any web browser by using Cltr + Shift + B and add to your