Download printable bookmarks for book reading breaks

Do you still read books, novels, stories? Well, many us still read books in-spite of web onslaught on our lives. So, if you still read books you will need bookmarks to stay connected while taking book reading breaks. Free Printable Bookmarks website has loads of bookmarks design which you

30 useful Bookmarklets for kickass web browsing

Bookmarklets are shortcut links to perform tasks within web browser quickly. To get started, you need to add bookmarklets to bookmarks bar in your web browser. Firefox and Opera users can simply drag bookmarklet link to their bookmarks bar. Internet Explorer users need to right click

Tweet This (any) text with quick bookmarklet button

Twitter is all about expressing in less than 140 characters. You can twitter more quickly by using TweetThisText bookmarklet button. While browsing internet you come across interesting textual content. Just select the text with mouse and click TweetThisText bookmarklet button to send as a

Convert & Save webpages as PDF in one click

PDF Download provide number of ways to convert and save webpages into PDF format. We have already seen Addons and plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox for Web to PDF conversion. Here is more easy option to convert Webpages and save them as PDF format without any need to install any

Save & share anything on internet with Thumbtack

For starters, Thumbtack is an online bookmarking service from Microsoft Live Labs. First thing that strike you about this service is interface - its damn cool with all that ajax effect and pure dag-drop functionality. To get started, create an account on Thumbtack website. Then drag the

Listen bookmarked audio on Delicious, the easy way

Delicious has huge listing of weblinks of every type from all over the internet. It has huge bookmark collection of audio bookmarks by its users. Listening to audio bookmarks on Delicious has become easy like never before. They have integrated FoxyPlayer from Yahoo - it is a slick

Sync, Export & Import Firefox, IE, Chrome Bookmarks

Google Chrome got many new users. Opera's new version impressed many to try out this web browser and so did Flock 2.0 While we can easily switch and jump to new web browser, our important bookmarks are left behind with the old web browser. Well, not anymore - make the process of import

delicious + Digg = Tagz, Share web links & Tag them

We have already seen so many Digg clones, is 'tagz' another one? First impression does not remind of Digg but interface does remind of good old delicious with dots. Thilak from tech-buzz and his brother

How to check Dead & duplicate Browser Bookmarks?

Over period of time browser bookmarks list becomes huge and its time to clean up. Visiting each bookmarked link for the sake of checking can gobble up lot of time and effort. AM-Deadlink, a small free utility can save loads of time in checking for dead links and duplicates in browser

Google Notebook: Capture & Organize Web clips easily

There are number of online service like Clip Clip to copy and paste any part of webpage and save it for future reference. Google Notebook is a similar online tool from Big G (Google) which can be excellent way to capture and save any part of a webpage. Besides pasting and capturing