Sync, Export & Import Firefox, IE, Chrome Bookmarks


Google Chrome got many new users. Opera’s new version impressed many to try out this web browser and so did Flock 2.0

While we can easily switch and jump to new web browser, our important bookmarks are left behind with the old web browser. Well, not anymore – make the process of import & export of bookmarks real easy with Transmute.

It allows you to import and export bookmarks even between the latest browsers, including both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3. It gives option to merge existing collections together, rather than overwriting your old file.

You can backup your old bookmarks before the merge or over-writing process. Besides being easy and simple – its all free to download and use. Make bookmarks management easy irrespective of web browser with Transmute.



  1. Use XMarks….

  2. Tizz: I agree with your comments; “a bit misleading”, and sync is better than import / export (I have yet to try it). But culd be transmute is a good second-best in the meantime.

    And one reason why we might need Transmute client until sync: what happens if you have 2 or more gmail accounts?
    Chrome does not allow importation from Chrome, nor sync.

    And it would be nice if there was export from Chrome to Firefox. Or, Import in Firefox from Chrome.

    I have heard the following (I cannot verify):
    1. Google not so interested in bookmarks? – they prefer you to search, espcecially click and search their advertising. And in many cases I find this just as fast.
    2. Apparently – I know from my reliable web guru but not from the source!! In a security test on server based passwords the best score was Firefox 7 out of 10; Google was 2 out of 10. Not sure about IE, but….
    Happy Xmas

  3. Hmm – I think that’s a little misleading don’t you?

    You see… I LOVE the new Chrome and I want to switch from Firefox and and their excellent Foxmarks plug-in that push-syncs all my bookmarks whenever and wherever I change them. Trouble is, Chrome isn’t ready for that just yet. It doesn’t have a sync option like Foxmarks. Fair enough.

    Then I stumble upon this “Transmute” app here.

    But oh dear! Unless I’ve missed something important in the description – and I’d love someone to prove I have – this Transmute client does NOT sync.

    No really – it doesn’t.

    It just manually imports and exports and that is a completely different thing.

    Chrome can import from Firefox by itself and it does it perfectly well so why would we need a separate client for that?

    I’m disappointed but not surprised. I guess I’ll have to wait for the Google or Open Source smart guys to come up with something.

    Hurry up with push-sync please guys, I need a Chrome equivalent to Foxmarks and I need it last week.

    Impatient aren’t I? ;o)

    Cheers to all

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