Save Apple Pages file as MS Word doc, PDF, plain text

Majority of Windows users perform word processing tasks in Microsoft Office application software. While MAC users have iWorks application for similar functionality. If you are using iWorks on MAC and want to share documents with Windows users with MS Office, you can easily export and save

Import, export iGoogle settings to another account

iGoogle is a daily startpage for number of online people. Users can customize the look and features of their iGoogle homepage. Besides changing the look with iGoogle themes, you can add different functionalities like RSS feed of favorite blogs, games and lots more. While moving to new

View & Edit Outlook auto complete entry Nk2 list

Everytime you type an email address while sending email using Outlook, it is added to auto complete entry list. Next time you type similar email ID, you will get auto complete suggestion to complete the email address quickly. NK2View is a handy utility that allows you to view and edit

Backup & download Google Docs files on computer

Google Docsis a cool web service from Google that allows creating and storing of different types of document files. Incase you are worried about files in your Google Docs and want to backup them immediately, checkout gDocs Backup utility. It allows you to download and backup all files in

Save Twitter links to Delicious, automatically!

Delicious is an awesome service to save links of different websites in a neat manner with proper tagging. Twitter is an awesome service to share, share and share lots of links laden daily ramblings. However, Twitter does not have good setup of browsing and organizing old links laden

Import / Export Gmail filter to handle bulk email

Filters (labels and folders) are very effective way to manage tons of incoming email in your Gmail account. Using this, you can filter different emails as per requirement for better email management. Gmail Labs gets new feature of Filter import / export. To get started, goto settings >

Evernote Google Notebook importer, another option

Google Notebook users are now flooded with number of alternatives. We have already seen Zoho Notebook and Ubernote introducing special google Notebook transfer to their respective services. Well, Evernote is latest to join the race. So, if you prefer Evernote over Ubernote and Zoho -

More your Google Notebook to Zoho Notebook

Google Notebook has stopped development and existing Google Notebook users are looking for alternatives. We have already seen detailed procedure to move Google Notebook contents to Ubernote. There are number of alternatives, if Ubernote does not excite you - head over to Zoho

Import & Convert WordPress Blog into Blogger Blog

Blogger is getting better and there could be bloggers wanting to import and convert their Wordpress blog to Blogger blog. Wordpress has in-built feature (under 'tools' tab) to import any Blogger blog. However, reverse conversion of Wordpress blog to Blogger blog is not supported. Well,

Backup & Merge multiple Blogger Blogs

Blogger has been testing with Blog 'import & export' feature for a while now. It was introduced in 'Blogger in draft' as beta test feature. This featured has matured after lot of bug fixing and enhancement and is LIVE is every Blogger user's dashboard. With this feature you can

Now Import and Export large Blogger Blogs

Long back in June Blogger introduced Blogger import / export feature along with loads of other new Blogger features. Import - export feature just got better and now support very large blogger blogs. Based on feedback lot of improvement has been done to this feature. Now, blogger want

Sync, Export & Import Firefox, IE, Chrome Bookmarks

Google Chrome got many new users. Opera's new version impressed many to try out this web browser and so did Flock 2.0 While we can easily switch and jump to new web browser, our important bookmarks are left behind with the old web browser. Well, not anymore - make the process of import