Backup & Merge multiple Blogger Blogs


Blogger has been testing with Blog ‘import & export’ feature for a while now. It was introduced in ‘Blogger in draft’ as beta test feature. This featured has matured after lot of bug fixing and enhancement and is LIVE is every Blogger user’s dashboard.

With this feature you can import and export your Blogger blog. You can export and create backup of your Blogger blog on local computer for safe keeping. It can also be used to merge multiple blogger blogs by combining posts and comments into a fresh new blog.

You can move individual posts among different blogs, cross-publish your posts on multiple blogs, or transfer large batches of posts from one blog to another with a single click. To use this feature, login to Blogger account and click on ‘settings’. Check for import, export options under basic tab. Test it out by making a throw-away blog and then backup your actual Blogger blog!


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