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Data backup is very important routine as there is always a possibility of hard drive crash. There are number of tools for Windows users to backup data on media devices like DVD, pen drive, external hard drive. However, with more connected world – backing up data on the internet is more easy method. There are number of quality websites that offer robust online data backup, recovery and access (free for needs of an average home PC user).

1. Windows SkyDrive 25GB free storage

Microsoft’s Windows Live Skydrive is best service to backup files online for free. It offers 25GB of free storage to store and share your files and photos with almost anyone. If you already have Hotmail, Messenger or Xbox LIVE account, then login using either account and start using SkyDrive service. You can also integrate Skydrive upload option to Windows Explorer for even quicker file uploading.

2. Adrive 50GB free storage

Adrive offers 50GB free online storage space for your files and folders. Free account support number of features like: file sharing, folder directory upload, easy search tool, remote file transfer, Intl character support, Zoho editor at no price. You have option to upgrade existing free storage to premium account with more storage and features.

3. Mozy Home 2GB free

Mozy service is one of most reliable way to backup files online. You can test drive service with free 2GB account. To get started, by uploading and backing up your email files, photos, music and other files.

4. Humyo 10GB free storage

Humyo online service offer no frills ( no support) 10GB of free online storage. This includes: 5GB storage for media files and 5GB storage for non media files. Access to files is only limited by web. There are number of other storage options with lot of features in pro accounts.

5. iDrive 2GB free storage

iDrive offer full featured 2GB online Backup storage for free. It includes features like: automatic Backup, true Archiving, versioning, continuous backup, mapped drive backup and more.

6. Dropbox 2GB free storage

Dropbox is one of most reliable and easy to use online backup solution. It offers free plan of 2GB storage space which can be upgraded to 50GB and 100GB as per requirement. You can easily access dropbox files within Google Chrome or upload files to dropbox via email.

Which is your favorite method or web service for online data backup, access and recovery? Share with us by adding a comment.



  1. Nice post.Online backup services offer almost the same services and it is is what most people use now days for backing up there crucial files just to keep them secure.I have used very many online backup services.Carbonite,Mozy,SafeCopy,Dropbox,Backblaze,SugarSync and i would like to say that they are all so great.But what only differ are the prices and certain features each offer.

  2. comeonbabe says

    Before you chose an online back-up provider, you should ask friends or workmates about their experience.
    Stick to some of the big players on the marked like Dropbox, SugarSync or Mozy etc.
    All of them are good with their individual advances/disadvances.
    I’m using SugarSync and it works very good.
    Where I live there are often fluctuation in bandwidth and interruption of connection, which is no problem for Sugar Sync.
    If the connection cuts during an upload, it will catch up where it stoped when it is connected again (this can be a problem by some providers).
    Beside a good provider you get free 5GB storage and 500MB bonus for every friend you make sign up.
    If you want to try it out then sign up, using below link.
    We will then both get 500MB extra if you sign up for the Free 5GB or 10GB extra on any of the paid-for services!

  3. The above top listings where so good but i personally ue and online backup called safecopy backup which is only 50bucks a year for 200GB and with a free unlimited trial version of 3GB.And now if one joins the face book fan page your free unlimted trial version is upgraded to 5GB.

  4. I think they forgot to include other online backup solutions here.
    I use safecopy backup.That offers a free unlimited 5GB trial version to its clients and for one pays only 50bucks for 200GB per year

  5. willemijns says list all of them

  6. This is great. I’d love to see you take this a bit further and break it into 2 lists:

    – Top 5 Online Storage (Just send your files to the cloud, and that’s all)
    – Top 5 Online Backup (Store copies of your files online, with multiple “grandfather” versions in case of a corrupted file or virus)

    But overall, great article.

  7. I use Carbonite, not listed for just $50 a year.

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