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Wolfram has been in news for being next Google Killer. Well, its not a Google Killer but for sure a killer web application for knowledge based searching. Besides the main knowledge based search functionality, Wolfram also has a dedicated Online Integrator at Wolfram Mathematica section.


It allows you to solve complex integration problems with a click of a button. Just enter your integration string and click the compute online button to see solution in few seconds. Online Integrator at Wolfram is an excellent web service for students and this functionality is also available in download-able version for students (but for a price)!



  1. GURU ( Irobino) says

    Are you sure this question is correct? Because the only appropriate method of solving this question is by using the Substitution Method. That is making LogX U i.e U=LogX but as you go further it may have to involve a double substitution. This all depends on whether the question is correct.

  2. i need the answer to this problem integration of xsin`2x dX

    • GURU ( Irobino) says

      We have to use product rule for this problem since substitution does not work on the problem. Let our integration sign be { and multiplication sign be .

      x.-1/2cos2x – {1.-1/2cos2x dx

      -1x/2cos2x + 1/2{cos2xdx

      -1x/2cos2x + 1/2.1/2sin2x

      -1x/2cos2x + 1/4 sin2x This is the answer!

  3. hi friends in need answer for the following question

    Evaluate intergral 0 to 4 integral root y to 2 e^y/x dx dy by changing the order of integration.

  4. Integration of { minus e raise to log(x) }

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