Solve Math equations with Microsoft Mathematics

Are you confused while trying to solve complex pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry or calculus problems? You can easily get going with Math equations and formulas using Microsoft Mathematics program. It is a free software program from Microsoft for Windows users to solve

Insert Math symbols & equations in Google Docs

Do you want to add and display complex Mathematical equations in Google Docs files? You can easily do this using "Equation" feature. It allows you to insert any of commonly used mathematical signs and symbols to your Google documents in few simple clicks. Mathematical symbols, equations

Calculate LCM, HCF, GCD of numbers online

For starters, LCM stands for Least Common Multiple while HCF stands for Highest Common Factor and GCD stands for Greatest Common Divisor. These are important terms used in mathematical calculation of numbers. Are you looking for LCM / HCF online calculators for quick and easy calculation

Simple math Calculator in Chrome

Do you perform lot of calculations while surfing internet in Google Chrome browser? Now you can get simple yet stylish looking calculator within Chrome browsing window. It allows you to perform basic mathemetic calculations at a click of a button. It even works when there is no internet

Improve Math skills with Math Ninja game

Maths is a scary subject for many of us. How about improving Math skills and have fun at the same time? Math Ninja is a cool game that can tickle your brain to solve easy and not so easy Math problems. It pops a Math problem involving addition, subtraction, division and more. Type your

Check if number is prime & see Factors of non-prime number

Teaching kids is no easy task, sometime even a simplest of task can be huge for parents. For example: checking if a specific number is prime or not. Also, checking factors of the number if specific number is not a prime number. Are you looking for help in this regard of prime numbers and

Online Calculator with Currency converter, save time!

Users dealing with money perform lot of calculations on daily basis. Besides calculating numbers, they also get dirty with currency conversion process. Curculator brings both calculator and currency converter in one interface to save lots of time. It has neat interface and you can perform

Solve Math integration problems online at Wolfram

Wolfram has been in news for being next Google Killer. Well, its not a Google Killer but for sure a killer web application for knowledge based searching. Besides the main knowledge based search functionality, Wolfram also has a dedicated Online Integrator at Wolfram Mathematica