Take Orkut profile & friends to Friend Connect websites

Google Friend Connect service was launched a while back, it allows you to add social networking features to any website or blog with quick addition of small code. Google has now integrated Friend Connect with Orkut profiles. This means, you can login into Friend Connect feature on

Access Yahoo, Gmail & AOL email in Hotmail account

Now you can see emails from any POP enabled email account within your Hotmail account. You can add any POP enabled Yahoo! Mail (Plus), AOL Mail, and Gmail accounts to your existing Hotmail account for easy access. You need to enter login details of other POP email account in Hotmail to use

Solve Math integration problems online at Wolfram

Wolfram has been in news for being next Google Killer. Well, its not a Google Killer but for sure a killer web application for knowledge based searching. Besides the main knowledge based search functionality, Wolfram also has a dedicated Online Integrator at Wolfram Mathematica