Take Orkut profile & friends to Friend Connect websites


Google Friend Connect service was launched a while back, it allows you to add social networking features to any website or blog with quick addition of small code. Google has now integrated Friend Connect with Orkut profiles. This means, you can login into Friend Connect feature on different website using your Orkut account login details.


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This has lot of advantages ad you do not have to create separate account to participate in Google Friend Connect. Login using Orkut account and take your Orkut profile including profile photo, friends, contacts to socialize using Friend Connect feature on your favorite website or blog.

With Orkut integration with Friend Connect, you can social and re-establish existing Orkut friendships on websites using Google Friend Connect. Another cool way to use Orkut profile to get interactive. Here is video explaining Google Friend Connect and its usage:



  1. my rool my life

  2. i want to join


  4. Can you connect using Orkut ?
    I’ve seen you can conect using a google account, yahoo, openID, etc, etc
    But *not* Orkut…..
    Could please post a link to a site where you can login use Orkut to connect with GFC ??

  5. Hi may i join

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