Take Orkut profile & friends to Friend Connect websites

Google Friend Connect service was launched a while back, it allows you to add social networking features to any website or blog with quick addition of small code. Google has now integrated Friend Connect with Orkut profiles. This means, you can login into Friend Connect feature on

Embed News, Videos, Docs to blog – Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements makes it real easy for website or blog owners to show various Google services on their website. Just grab quick embed code and paste on your blog to display respective Google Service. It allows you to embed Google Search box complete with optional Adsense publisher

Embed Google Friend connect as strip ‘Social Bar’

Google Friend Connect was launched a while back to add interactivity to websites without much efforts and technical knowledge. Using this one can easily build a community of users on a website. Till now, we have seen Google Friend Connect display in the box form on the sidebar. From

Join Google Friend Connect using Twitter account

Google Friend Connect is a very useful service that allows you to build a community on your website or blog. Users can join the community using any account from AOL, Yahoo, Google or Open IDs. Twitter has joined this list. So, if you are an active Twitter user and want to be part of a

Google Friend Connect to get social, the easy way

Google Friend Connect is now available to all webmaster wanting to add dash of social to their blogs and website. For starters, this allows you to be member of any website community using Google friend connect using exiting accounts at Google, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID. For webmasters and