Change & confirm birthday date on Orkut

Orkut is going for a makeover in coming days and this will affect option to edit birthday date information in your Orkut profile. You will should see message reading, "Your orkut birth date will become unchangeable on April 7th. Please take one minute to double-check or edit your birthday

Add badges icons to Orkut profile

There is a new way to spice up your Orkut profile page using colorful Orkut badges (icons). There are different sets of badges for users that engage with orkut in different ways. For example, you can get Early user badge if you are using Orkut for long time or get promoter badge if you

Enable high resolution video chat on Orkut

Get set to enjoy high resolution video chat on various Google services. We have already seen procedure to activate higher resolution & bigger video chat on Gmail. Now you can enjoy high resolution and better quality video chatting with friends on Orkut. After installing video chat

How to send private Scraps on Orkut

For starters: Scraps are messages that one Orkut user can send to other user in their profile. Ideally, a scrap is visible to every user linked to your Orkut profile. From now on, you can send private scraps which is only visible to Orkut user you are sending the scrap. Further, recipient

Auto post Youtube activity updates on Orkut

If you are an active user of Youtube and Orkut, then you can easily share Youtube activities with Orkut buddies. You can setup and link your Orkut profile with Youtube account to automatically publish updates on Orkut. You can auto post Youtube activity updates on Orkut related to: Youtube

Add Google Maps to Orkut scraps

Google has added Google Maps integration with Orkut through scraps feature. Now Orkut users can spice up their scraps by adding location / direction to specific location through Google Maps reference. Just add Maps to your scrap message for other users to easily find location and explore

Share Orkut photo albums with only specific friends

Just like any other social networking website, Orkut users upload and share lot of photos. It is important to set sharing rules for each photo album containing your personal photos. You can enforce strict sharing setting that allow sharing of selective photos with only specific Orkut

Share photos, files on Orkut & iGoogle chat

Do you want to send any file to Orkut friend or Google contact on iGoogle? Now you can easily do this using floating chat window on Orkut or iGoogle. Ideally, we can chat on Orkut and iGoogle using in-built chat box. Now you can also share photos, documents and other files using same chat

Import Picasa images into Orkut photo albums

Google is integrating Picasa and Orkut for better photo management. Previously, it added upload to Orkut button for directly uploading photos to Orkut from Picasa desktop software. Now it has added 'Import from Picasa' option on web photo albums page in Orkut account. Direct Picasa to

Connect to Orkut friends on Android phone

Google's social networking website 'Orkut' is now available on Android powered mobile phones with launch of Orkut for Android application. Now you can connect with Orkut friends on the go through scrap notifications, direct photo uploads to orkut albums and a phonebook synced to your orkut

Upload photos on Orkut from Picasa desktop

For starters: Orkut(.com) is a 'Facebook' like social networking website from Google and Picasa is a free desktop photo editing software from Google. If you happen to use Picasa for editing photos and also an active user of Orkut, then editing and sharing photos on Orkut just became more

Manage Orkut groups [automatic magic suggestions]

Just after the makeover, Orkut introduced lot of new feature including: Friends suggestions by Orkut. Based on similar lines, now Orkut will suggest new groups based on your user activity. It will suggest labels for new groups and possible Orkut friends in each group. You can accept or