Share photos, files on Orkut & iGoogle chat


Do you want to send any file to Orkut friend or Google contact on iGoogle? Now you can easily do this using floating chat window on Orkut or iGoogle. Ideally, we can chat on Orkut and iGoogle using in-built chat box. Now you can also share photos, documents and other files using same chat box without having to install any seperate software for the file transfer.

Send files to friends on Orkut & iGoogle chat

1. Goto or & login into your Google account.

2. Exapnd the chat box & click to open any listed online contact (friend) in the chat window.

3. Goto Actions > Send a file to quickly transfer any image or document file to your chat buddy.

For sure very handy addition to Orkut and iGoogle experience. As pointed by official source, Google is working actively working on introducing similar feature in Gmail – waiting!



  1. This is awesome feature by Gmail. I have been waiting for this.
    Since the time I left yahoo messenger, this is one feature which I always missed
    Though it’s still not live in my Gmail chat

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