MySpace IM & Facebook Chat hops on Meebo


Meebo is arguable the best web based service for acessing different IM and chat services. If your Yahoo messenger or Gtalk software is bugging you, just head over to and connect to Gtalk or Yahoo IM. MySpace IM and Facebook Chat are latest addition to Meebo.

Now you can connect the Facebook and MySpace friend from simple & quick web based interface at Meebo. Now, almost every major IM and chat platform is supported on Meebo except Skype. They might just bump up Skype in list of their supported IM and chat services.

This new addition should make Meebo more attractive as one place to connect to different IM and chat services. As pointed by Meebo Blog, “… the last networks we added were Jabber and Google Talk on September 19th, 2005”. That is good wake-up call!

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  1. Yeah, this is a good news for both MySpace and Facebook Users~

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