Online web based Windows Live Messenger

Yahoo and Google already offer web based version of their messenger service that do not require any download and install of messenger software. Now Windows Live users can also chat with their friends using official online Windows Live Messenger. This web based version does not require any

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope, universe in web browser

Previously, Microsoft Worldwide Telescope was available as install only version for Windows. Well, now anyone can relish wonders of universe within their web browser, without installing application. Microsoft Worldwide Telescope is now available in web browser online version. Based on

MySpace IM & Facebook Chat hops on Meebo

Meebo is arguable the best web based service for acessing different IM and chat services. If your Yahoo messenger or Gtalk software is bugging you, just head over to and connect to Gtalk or Yahoo IM. MySpace IM and Facebook Chat are latest addition to Meebo. Now you can

Gtwit, a web based Twitter Client – No install required

There are number of Twitter clients that you can install on your computer and get going with Twittering. Gtwit is a dynamic web based Twitter client that do not require any software download and installation. Hosted on Google's cloud infrastructure, it allows you to perform basic

5 Best All in One Web Based Instant Messengers

Do you like chatting via Instant Messenger? I am sure most of you will answer YES! Some of us use messenger for staying connected for fun, while others do it for serious business. Whatever the reason be, most of us are closely connected to friends via IMs. With so many IM services