Disable & turn Off Facebook chat

Facebook chat allows direct interaction with Facebook friends. However, few users may find Facebook chat too distracting and intrusive. Fortunately, you can disable and turn off Facebook chat feature on Facebook website. Once set to "offline" mode, this settings is saved for future

Find meaning of chat slang words & acronyms

We tend to shorten words while communicating online with friends via email, IM, chat, social networking and more. Such short acronym / abbreviated words are often called as chat slangs (online lingo). Like using w8 for 'wait', brb for 'be right back', abt for 'about' and so on. If you are

How to delete Facebook chat history

Facebook is very interactive social networking medium. Besides sharing photos, videos, messages - Facebook friends also chat using online Facebook chat feature. Whenever you login into Facebook account, chat bar pops up at the bottom right. Using that you can chat with any online Facebook

View Skype call & chat logs

Skype is a popular medium for making PC to PC and PC to phone calls. If you are an active Skype user, then grab free portable utility "Skype Log View" to view complete details. This utility allows you to read and neatly view contents from skype log files of each and every Skype call / chat

Yahoo Messenger chat online without software install

Yahoo Messenger software is a very popular way to connect and chat with Yahoo buddies. Ideally, you will use Yahoo Messenger application installed on the computer to do Yahoo chat. In case you are using a public computer with no Yahoo Messenger software or you are in hurry to send quick

How to italic text in Facebook chat

Facebook chat is a cool way to stay in touch with Facebook buddies. Besides normal text typing, you can use different text formatting to add little spice to Facebook chat experience. We have already seen how to bold and underline text in Facebook chat. So, do you want to use italic text in

How to bold & underline text on Facebook chat

Are you bored of usual simple text typing on Facebook chat? Add some spice while chatting with friends on Facebook by using different text formatting. You can easily make text bold or underline without using any external help. Just wrap text in * and _ for bold and underline text

Share photos, files on Orkut & iGoogle chat

Do you want to send any file to Orkut friend or Google contact on iGoogle? Now you can easily do this using floating chat window on Orkut or iGoogle. Ideally, we can chat on Orkut and iGoogle using in-built chat box. Now you can also share photos, documents and other files using same chat

Facebook chat on desktop: Chit Chat for Facebook

Since its launch in the summer of 2008, Facebook Chat has been growing steadily in popularity, quickly taking on the likes of AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. Everything about Facebook has been built around transparency, and their instant messenger network is no different. Ditching

Facebook chat without logging into facebook website

Are you tired of opening and logging into Facebook website just to chat with Facebook friends? Well, you can chat away with Facebook friends without using web browser or need to login into Facebook website using third party chat tools. You can launch these chat tools, login into Facebook

Merge MSN chat history logs by date & time

Like every IM application, MSN also save chatting history in the form of chat logs. MSN Merge is small tool to merge such chat history log files. It processes different XML files of chat logs and produces single merged chat history log file containing all the combine data. Features of MSN

View old Yahoo & MSN messenger chats with log viewer

Sometime we need to refer to old chat logs to get important information already dicussed on a previous messenger chat. Messenger application(s) has feature to see old chat logs but the interface is not comfortable for exploring and reading through loads of chat archive. Free application