Chat with multiple Orkut friends at the same time

Staying connected with Orkut friends has become more easy with improvements in chat feature. After login into Orkut account, you will see floating chat window at the bottom left part of the webpage. Using this, you can see online Orkut friends and click on any listed contact to start chat

Embed Facebook chat on blog with Live Stream Box

Are you hosting a live video event on your blog or website? If yes, then you can make the whole even more interactive and chatty by using real time Facebook chat on the same page on your blog or website. This is possible using Live Stream Box that allows you to embed real time facebook

Create disposable chat room with language translation

Do you want to chat with people from different countries, whose language is unknown to you? is a cool online web service that allows you to chat with anyone from any part of the world without language problems. It allows you to create disposable / temporary chat rooms and

BitDefender Chat Encryption, Safe IM chat from hijack

Just like operating system, instant messenger conversation is also prone to malicious threats. Someone might hijack and know all about your personal IM conversations. BitDefender Chat Encryption tool helps in safer IM experience and prevents hijacking. Related - 10 Yahoo Messenger

Get answers to General Knowledge questions in Gtalk

Google Talk is an cool application to stay connected with Gtalk friends. We have already seen 5 spicy cool ways to do more in Gtalk beyond the simple chat routine. Here is another one for getting quick answers to any General knowledge questions in Google Talk using WebtoIM bot. Just

10 Yahoo Messenger tips & resources beyond chat

We have already seen 5 Google Talk tips beyond simple Gtalk chat. Here are few tips and resouces for Yahoo Messenger users. With following plugs you can spice up your Yahoo Messenger chat experience and do more beyond simple chat routine. Here goes: 1. Show online activity updates -

5 Google Talk Tips beyond simple Gtalk chat

Google Talk is a simple and very cool software to stay connected with Gtalk buddies. Here are few tips, addons and tricks to add more functionality to your Gtalk chat experience - beyond the usual Google talk text chatting - of course! 1. Health, calorie count of food items - You can

Google Chat on iGoogle page, stay connected

If you open Gmail inbox, you can easily Google talk chat with friends on the left sidebar (if chat enabled). Now, similar is possible on your iGoogle page. For starters, iGoogle page allows you to customize content you want with customized iGoogle theme. So now you can talk to friends

MySpace IM & Facebook Chat hops on Meebo

Meebo is arguable the best web based service for acessing different IM and chat services. If your Yahoo messenger or Gtalk software is bugging you, just head over to and connect to Gtalk or Yahoo IM. MySpace IM and Facebook Chat are latest addition to Meebo. Now you can