Google Chat on iGoogle page, stay connected


If you open Gmail inbox, you can easily Google talk chat with friends on the left sidebar (if chat enabled). Now, similar is possible on your iGoogle page. For starters, iGoogle page allows you to customize content you want with customized iGoogle theme.


So now you can talk to friends without leaving your iGoogle homepage. You can show or hide Google Talk chat box using ‘General’ tab on iGoogle Preferences page. As pointed by Google blog, this feature is being rolled out in phased manner – so, don’t be surprised if this feature is missing on your iGoogle webpage!



  1. i want to stay connected with friends through any chating room i.e. Gtalk,rediffbol,yahoo messenger,igoogle etc. Through mobile NokiaE63.

  2. Help! I was ‘phished?’ by Yahoo and my Google home page now requires ‘sign in’ everytime I open the browser even though I click stay connected. What can I do? I spent a long time fixing my home page the way I want it. Also, how to I get rid of the Google chat box? Thanks, Susan

    • Bill Bradley says

      I am having the same problem as Susan with my Google homepage, and need an answer? I’ve used google for years without being asked daily to sign in, now recently (since google chrome or igoogle showed up)?

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