Read RSS feed as photo slideshow on iGoogle homepage

iGoogle is a start page feature from Google. You can customize and add content as per your liking: from changing the look of iGoogle homepage to useful functionality like sending files via iGoogle chat. It has option to browse RSS feed content of any website or blog. Now you can browse

Share photos, files on Orkut & iGoogle chat

Do you want to send any file to Orkut friend or Google contact on iGoogle? Now you can easily do this using floating chat window on Orkut or iGoogle. Ideally, we can chat on Orkut and iGoogle using in-built chat box. Now you can also share photos, documents and other files using same chat

Import, export iGoogle settings to another account

iGoogle is a daily startpage for number of online people. Users can customize the look and features of their iGoogle homepage. Besides changing the look with iGoogle themes, you can add different functionalities like RSS feed of favorite blogs, games and lots more. While moving to new

Video chat with iGoogle start page friends

iGoogle is a start page for number of users to access customized information like: news, emails, blog posts and much more. It also allows you to chat with iGoogle friends. Now you can extend this chatting experience by doing video chat with iGoogle friends. Video chat was introduced for

iGoogle Comic themes: superman, batman, hulk!

Are you big time fan of comic characters and start your daily with iGoogle page? iGoogle Comic Themes are just for you to bring superhero comic character splash to your iGoogle homepage. Google has launched special Comic Themes for iGoogle featuring superman, batman, hulk and many more

See Google Blog Search latest on igoogle page

Google Blog Search just had feature bump with new features like hot queries and latest posts. If your day starts with iGoogle page - how about adding "Google Blog Search" gadget to your iGoogle startpage? Using this gadget your can view and browse latest stories from blogsphere, powered by

New iGoogle Nature themes from National Geographic

iGoogle has introduced new set of fresh, cool looking nature iGoogle theme series. Contents of these themes come from organizations and photographers know for worlds best nature photography including: National Geographic Society, BBC and Ansel Adams Gallery. Whole collection has number of

Top hindi songs Dhingana music in Gmail & iGoogle

Dhingana music website has launched gadgets for Gmail and iGoogle for super easy access to top hindi songs. Gmail addicts can get daily fill of their popular Indian music with a glace at the left sidebar. You can click through more link and see host of other options to manage your favorite

Celebrity iGoogle homepages, clone your favorite

iGoogle gets a showcase fully loaded with celebrity listing of iGoogle homepages. It has celebrity from different fields of interest and you are bound to find one of your favorite celebrity there. Along with celebrity description, you get option to grab respective iGoogle homepage and

Access Zoho documents on Gmail, Orkut, Facebook

For starters Zoho is an online application suit including docs, mail, calendar, planner - just like Google Docs. It has launched Zoho Gadgets that allows you to access content of Zoho account within external applications like Facebook, Gmail, Orkut etc. For example, you can see list of

Google Chat on iGoogle page, stay connected

If you open Gmail inbox, you can easily Google talk chat with friends on the left sidebar (if chat enabled). Now, similar is possible on your iGoogle page. For starters, iGoogle page allows you to customize content you want with customized iGoogle theme. So now you can talk to friends

Official iGoogle Theme Creator

iGoogle is a startpage for many users on the internet. Your daily startpage that show content of your interest. You can customize the type and placement of content on your iGoogle page. Now, you can also customize the look of your iGoogle page with official iGoogle Theme creator. It was