Resize & sort contacts ‘chat window’ in Gmail

Chat window automatically load your Gmail contacts and show online contacts on left side of Gmail inbox. If you have lot of contacts, then size of chat window in Gmail can be very big. You can customize the chat list window size and sort contacts display as per requirement. Resize the

Display Location on Gtalk, Gmail Chat or any webpage

Google Latitude was launched a while back for easy tracking of friends and family members. Google has launched first Google Latitude Apps that allows you to display your location on different Google services. For example:  Google Talk Location application allows you to show your current

Google Chat on iGoogle page, stay connected

If you open Gmail inbox, you can easily Google talk chat with friends on the left sidebar (if chat enabled). Now, similar is possible on your iGoogle page. For starters, iGoogle page allows you to customize content you want with customized iGoogle theme. So now you can talk to friends

Watch Youtube Videos in Gmail Chat window

Youtube videos are everywhere these days. Slideshare introduced feature to embed and play any Youtube video in any slide in your SlideShare presentation. Now, even Gmail Chat will play any Youtube video for you. So, if your friend sends you Youtube link while chatting on Gmail chat - no