Display Location on Gtalk, Gmail Chat or any webpage


Google Latitude was launched a while back for easy tracking of friends and family members. Google has launched first Google Latitude Apps that allows you to display your location on different Google services. For example:  Google Talk Location application allows you to show your current status in Google Talk and Gmail Chat.


Google Public Location Badge allows you show your location status on a widget embedded on any blog or webpage. In both cases, your location is updated automatically as you move from one place to another. If you haven’t used Google Latitude before, you will get prompt for the following:

After you join Google Latitude you can easily add new Google Latitude apps [via] and display auto updating location status on Google Talk, Gmail Chat or on a widget emebeded on webpage or blog. If you often hop from one place to other, this is very easy and cool way to let your friends know about current physical location on the move.


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