How to send & share photos on Google Chat

Google Chat (web based gtalk) can be found on left sidebar of your Gmail inbox, Google+ interface. It allows quick chatting with your online Google friends. It is a very basic online chatting service allowing text chatting among online friends. Do you want to send and share images while

How to use Google Talk on Chrome OS notebook

Google launched Samsung and Acer made ChromeBook notebooks (netbooks) powered by Chrome operating system. It promises hassle free working using applications while connected to the internet. Google Talk (Gtalk) is an effective way to stay in touch with friends in online world on usual

Gtalk plugin for Chrome to open Google Talk on any webpage

Google Chrome is slowly getting newer extensions to extend functionality in Chrome browser. Gtalk extension is latest Google Chrome plugin that allows you to open Google Talk window while on any webpage in Google Chrome browser. After install, you will see a Google Talk button at bottom

Google drops Beta tag for Gmail, Docs, Calendar & Gtalk

"... We get asked all the time why Google keeps its products in beta for so long. And Gmail, five years after launch, is consistently a subject of this questioning, even of jokes." Google has acted uponto address such questions (and jokes... errr) by dropping BETA tag from its app

Send auto reply message on Gtalk when away

There are times when gTalk (Google Talk) friends keep pinging even when we are online but away from the computer. Now you can send auto reply to gtalk friends informing about your away status using "Autoreply in Gtalk" application. After you install this application, enter your gtalk login

Play online games in Google Talk [web based]

Now you can enjoy online games while chatting with buddies on Google Talk. Currently, this only works in web based Google Talk Sandbox and will soon be available in Gtalk application installed on your computer. Here is quick procedure to get started with playing games with friends on web

Local City Information on Gtalk & Yahoo IM [India]

We have seen number of useful IM bots to get instant access to information on instant messenger application. India specific startup AskLaila has launched Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger bots to access their directory information through instant messenger applications. AskLaila is a

Get answers to General Knowledge questions in Gtalk

Google Talk is an cool application to stay connected with Gtalk friends. We have already seen 5 spicy cool ways to do more in Gtalk beyond the simple chat routine. Here is another one for getting quick answers to any General knowledge questions in Google Talk using WebtoIM bot. Just

Display Location on Gtalk, Gmail Chat or any webpage

Google Latitude was launched a while back for easy tracking of friends and family members. Google has launched first Google Latitude Apps that allows you to display your location on different Google services. For example:  Google Talk Location application allows you to show your current

5 Google Talk Tips beyond simple Gtalk chat

Google Talk is a simple and very cool software to stay connected with Gtalk buddies. Here are few tips, addons and tricks to add more functionality to your Gtalk chat experience - beyond the usual Google talk text chatting - of course! 1. Health, calorie count of food items - You can

Get Calorie count of any food item on GTalk

Are you eating too much and getting fat sitting in front of computer? Well, your computer can help you check that calorie intake using gtalk (Google talk) on your computer. Google talk can be used for more than just chatting: like listening to FM radio! Here is another cool way to use

Recover password of Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk

There are times, we enter the password click on remember password button. While that application still remembers the password and allows you to login - we tend to forget it. Mail PassView is an excellent utility to recover passwords in such situation. This utility can extract username