5 Google Talk Tips beyond simple Gtalk chat


Google Talk is a simple and very cool software to stay connected with Gtalk buddies. Here are few tips, addons and tricks to add more functionality to your Gtalk chat experience – beyond the usual Google talk text chatting – of course!

google-talk-tips-tricks1. Health, calorie count of food itemsYou can know calorie count of any food item using Google Talk. Add calories@lifemojo.com as friend (click add button and enter calories@lifemojo.com) and then send name of food item as message like: rice to know respective calorie count in message reply.

2. Music, listen FM Radio channels – You can listen to FM radio channels in Google talk and relish latest songs of your taste. Add service@gtalk2voip.com as your friend and then add ID with specific radio station number like: 110@radio.gtalk2voip.com – here 110 is hindi songs radio station [see full station list].

3. Connect, make free International CallsGoogle Talk can also be used to make free international calls with a click of button. Click on add button and enter phonenumber@talkster.gtalk2voip.com (replace phonenumber with actual phone number including country code and area code like 442071234567@talkster.gtalk2voip.com).

4. Socialize, friend more Google Talk friendsGtalk profile website allows you to find new Google Talk friends. Click on any location on map show and you will see active Google talk profiles. You can select individual profile from right sidebar and send them friend request (must be logged in GTalk).

5. Idle on Gtalk with gAlwaysIdle [Not available now] – If you are logged into Google Talk other users will know this status and might bug you while you are doing something important. gAlwaysIdle adds two new options ‘always idle’ or ‘never idle’ to your Google Talk application. Do you know more similar Gtalk plugs? Give us a shout and we will share with everyone!

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  1. for more tips and tricks visit sanbik.co.cc/2010/10/tips-and-tricks-of-google-talk.html

  2. It is nice with Google Talk. With Google Talk, we get everything, health, our favorite music, making free international calls, and find new friends around the world.

  3. We want to know how can i use 2 user name at the same time

    • Ambar Naik says

      Its quite simple! Type “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /parameter /nomutex in the Run command :) Let me know if it helps!!!!

  4. waqas malik says

    i waiting for u frend ur reply

  5. Is gtalk2voip.com a paid service?

  6. selva kuamr says

    share some other tricks with me

  7. selva kuamr says


  8. Yashwant Talaulikar says

    No…check out list of countries http://www.talkster.com/ …..launching in INDIA very soooooon…till thn enjoy

  9. Does the free international calls work to make calls within India too?

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