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We tend to shorten words while communicating online with friends via email, IM, chat, social networking and more. Such short acronym / abbreviated words are often called as chat slangs (online lingo). Like using w8 for ‘wait’, brb for ‘be right back’, abt for ‘about’ and so on. If you are confused on meaning of specific abrreviation or acronym used by your chat buddy while chatting, you can refer to following chat slangs database dictionary and translator for finding quick meaning for those slang words.

1. Teen Chat Decoder

Teen Chat Decoder is an online database of slangs and acronyms used by teens while chatting online. You can browse listing by alphabet or use search box to find meaning of specific internet slang word. It has easy to use interface to discover new chat slang words and surprise buddies while chatting.

2. No Slang

No Slang is a dedicated internet slang dictionary and translator online resource. You can easily find meaning of abbreviated words and acronyms that you may come across during chat, IM, email or SMS. You can also search for specific slangs or explore listing alphabetically.

3. AIM Acronym Dictionary

AIM Acronym Dictionary provide alphabetic listing of most common abbreviations that you may come across while IMing with your friends. Never get lost or confused on specific chat abbreviations while chatting, just refer to this online dictionary to learn and explore new chat slangs / abbreviations.

If exploring whole database of chat slangs is a big task, you can get started with 40 Must know IM Abbreviations for quick chatting online.



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    I don’t know the meaning of slang Got my vote ( GMV). My friend sent me the email and said : Hi GMV. PLs, help me to know. Thanks

  3. when i was quite younger, i alway enjoy online chatting with friends and relatives .

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