Use Google Talk to make free International Phone Calls


Talkster’s official integration with GTalk2VoIP brings huge surprise for all Google Talk users. Now, using Google Talk you can make FREE International Phone Calls to any phone in over 30 countries.

No registration, no credit card, even no sign up needed to get started with free calling ride. You just need Google Talk (desktop version) and your login ID. Here is the simple procedure to make free calls to any international phone using Google Talk.

1. Launch Google Talk on your desktop. Then add contacts the same way you usually do. Click on the Add button to adda friend.

2. Type in the phone number of the person you want to call in the following format. Use full phone number, including country code and area code: For example:

3. You’ll get a confirmation from Talkster with instructions. A local Talkster number for your friend in their country. Your friends will use Talkster phone numbers to call-in to be connected with you.

4. After you have added a number, click on your friend’s number in your Google Talk Contact List and then click on the Call button to start the call.

You can check detailed instructions to get started and get going with free international calling from Google Talk at gtalk2voip website. Also, check the list of countries supported by this service. Sadly, India and New zealand are not in the list of supported countries!

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  1. i have some problem with my google talk my call is not connected not signals tell me what happened

  2. mohamed sirajudeen says

    i have recharged usd 10 in gtalk2voip. but whenever i make a call it is just disconnected from google. even after switching off firewall also am facing the same problem.
    also pls clarify will we use blackberry for gtalk voice chat

  3. i want to call phone from google talk pless sent messages

  4. i want to make international call to muscat free,What is the pricedure

  5. i want to call phone from Gtalk

  6. i want to make calls to Gulf countries through google talk i want to know what is the procedure ans terms. Incase bill have made at the time of calling what is the steps and the duration of making calls?

  7. eversmile says

    i want to call phone from Gtalk.

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