Free tech support a call away from MVP in India


Usually we go to forums, blogs, vendor support and websites to look for answer to our technical issues. Do you need free technical support on the phone? Well, a MVP from India is doing the same. 9847155469 is the magic number you can call for probable answers to technical issues.

Shaymlal, a MVP started this service 4yrs back and he listens to calls between 8am to 8pm. As pointed at WinVistaClub, “… Shaymlal started this initiative around 4 years back. He gets 70-100 calls a day, and no, his wife does not get irritated any more, she has got used to it.”

You can check more details at his website with interesting URL of his telephone number – it also has active forum with users posting their tech issues. Worth going through the forum contents before you make actual call. Very interesting initiative, way to go!


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