How to contact Facebook support for feedback

Do you want to contact Facebook support (or admin / owner)? Everytime Facebook introduce a new feature or functionality, Facebook users want to contact Facebook support for the feedback. Urge to contact Facebook support is more when a new feature is not liked by users at large. Facebook is

Problem with Hotmail? Answers at Windows LiveHelp

Are you facing any issue using Hotmail email service? Well, don't waste time looking for an option to email your questions. There is no such email support in existence, instead a full portal to get your questions answered more quickly (hopefully). Here comes Windows LiveHelp website for

Free tech support a call away from MVP in India

Usually we go to forums, blogs, vendor support and websites to look for answer to our technical issues. Do you need free technical support on the phone? Well, a MVP from India is doing the same. 9847155469 is the magic number you can call for probable answers to technical