Problem with Hotmail? Answers at Windows LiveHelp


Are you facing any issue using Hotmail email service? Well, don’t waste time looking for an option to email your questions. There is no such email support in existence, instead a full portal to get your questions answered more quickly (hopefully). Here comes Windows LiveHelp website for your Hotmail questions.

While the name suggest support for all Live services, in reality this support website is mainly for Hotmail email service questions. You can also post questions regarding other Live products and get answers. So, why NO email support and this do-it-yourself support website – here is the official line:

“… Microsoft understands that users don’t want to email a support agent unless they absolutely have to. Users want the ability to solve their own problem – and solve it quickly. Windows Live Hotmail Online Solutions Center brings together the expertise of skilled moderators, Windows Live Hotmail employees, and knowledgeable Hotmail customers. Customers will be closer to the latest information than ever before.”

Infact, this is for sure better than email support. You can use search or browser various existing questions and find answer quickly. If no success, post your question and get answer real quick (hopefully). Password issue, Hotmail sending limit, email security etc – get answers at Windows LiveHelp.



  1. dear all
    i am having aproblem with my eimail acount , my passward is correct but there is sucurity problem
    so plz how can i solve it

  2. i have facebook and hotmail email. In my email account there is a list of all of my facebook friends. How can i get rid of that. This apparently set up so someone could spy on me. My whole family has the same email and i have no privacy. I thought getting rid of my facebook friends would give privacy.

  3. I like many others have lost my connection with this account..
    This is my lifeline can I get my email and MSN MESSENGER
    It’s telling me that I have an error..80048823 whatever that means
    Has anyone got a clue what this means..???

  4. help it;s driving me crazy i set up a hotmail address and when ever i go to send a email i keep getting told to verife my email address and i dont know how to verife it can any one help please thanks

  5. Hello, I have been having problems for the past two weeks to log into my email account and not had any luck, please help! I cant log my password or anything. Thanks

  6. brigette fields says

    how can i get in to my msn i type my email in bout lost my password

  7. I have hotmail sinse for ever, and I can’t no longer open my
    account, due to the fact that my password is invalid. This is driving
    me insane. I try to reset it, but the questions they ask are so old
    I cant remember the answers. Can you help. 646-409-1827. I need

  8. I have a few thousand emails but I cannot seem to open my older emails from 2007 etc. Please give me help on how to open my older emails.

    thank you

  9. I can read my emails.I have been trying for 2 days now.I don’t know if i should just open a new email account.That would mean that i would have to inform everyone.I would just like to read my email

  10. anna dillon says

    I cannot get into my hotmail. It won’t take my password. My family and friends are getting email from me asking for money. What should I do to get back in my email.

    anna dillon

  11. Hello!!

    My wife and I have e-mail accounts with hotmail and have not been able to use them for the last two weeks…. New wonderful useless non-functionning layout is imposed on people and its over. Should we get another e-mail address with someone who doesn’t try to carry constant e-mail revolution but offers a simple way to proceed?????

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