Windows Live Mail keyboard shortcuts


Windows Live Mail support keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigation through emails in inbox. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to write new emails, deleted existing emails and for other basic email routines. Make sure Keyboard shortcuts are enabled in Windows Live Mail account. You can select default shortcuts or Gmail, Yahoo Mail shortcut mode from options screen.

Keyboard Shortcut list for Windows Live Mail

Following is list of basic keyboard shortcuts for quick usage in Windows Live Mail inbox. Get started by using few shortcuts and then memorize more. [Source: Live Mail Help]

Delete a messageDelete
Create a new messageCtrl+N
Send a messageCtrl+Enter
Open a messageCtrl+Shift+O
Print a messageCtrl+Shift+P
Reply to a messageCtrl+R
Reply all to a messageCtrl+Shift+R
Forward a messageCtrl+Shift+F
Save a draft messageCtrl+S
Mark a message as junkCtrl+Shift+J
Mark a message as readCtrl+Q
Mark a message as unreadCtrl+U
Move to a folderCtrl+Shift+V
Open the next messageCtrl+.
Open the previous messageCtrl+,
Close a messageEsc
Search your e-mail messages/
Check spellingF7
Select allS then A
Deselect allS then N
Go to the inboxF then I
Go to your Drafts folderF then D
Go to your Sent folderF then S


  1. Where’s the one to toggle on/off “Include message in reply”?

    For me, the lack of that convenience is the biggest downside of WLM, as it was for OE.

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