Restore & open recently closed Tabs in new Google Chrome

Recent Tabs feature in Google Chrome is very useful specially when you want to recover accidentally closed website tabs. It helps you open and restore recently closed website tabs in Google Chrome. You can browse list of recently closed tabs and open back specific tab or all tabs as per

Set ‘Push to Talk’ mute microphone shortcut in Skype

'Push to talk' has been most requested feature by Skype for Windows users. Latest Skype update adds 'Push to talk' feature allowing quick toggle for microphone muting while on a Skype call. This feature is very important during multi-tasking routines like while playing multi-player games.

Keyboard shortcut to skip forward Youtube video

With huge amount of videos, Youtube is a favorite destination for majority of web users. Youtube videos of short duration allow quick playback. However, things get little boring with long videos and we tend to move slider with mouse to skip part of video to move to video portion that

How to select multiple messages in Gmail inbox

How do you select select multiple email messages in Gmail? Ideally, majority of users will click checkbox next to each email message for selection. This is very time consuming routine involving lot of clicking. You can easily select multiple emails quickly using Shift key and perform

Keyboard Shortcuts to use programs in Full Screen mode

Switching application programs to full screen mode provide better visibility to content being worked upon. Also, full screen mode eliminate distractions on the screen resulting in better and more efficient working on computer. Be it your favorite web browser like Google Chrome or word

Convert Chrome tab to window with keyboard shortcut

Google Chrome is a flexible web browser allowing users to customize it according to their requirements. There are number of ways to customize new tab window in Google Chrome. While tabbed interface keeps browsing experience neat, at times we need to open specific website in separate window

Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Facebook is an addictive social networking website.Do you want to speed up your Facebook experience?This can be easily done using quick Facebook keyboard shortcut hotkeys. You can toggle to Facebook homepage or access various setting pages using keyboard shortcuts as against manual

Create Keyboard shortcut for applications in Windows 7

We open, use and close lot of applications while working on Windows 7 computer. One can easily save time and do things quickly by launching applications with keyboard shortcut hotkeys instead of manual clicking. On Windows 7, you can create and assign keyboard shortcuts to application

keyboard shortcuts for ‘Google Docs’ documents

If your PC or laptop is always connected to internet, then using online word processing application like Google Docs is more convenient option as against installing Microsoft Office software on the computer. Google Docs offer rich word processing, presentation and spreadsheet creation and

Function ‘F’ key Windows 7 shortcuts

Majority of users prefer to move and click using mouse on Windows system. You can do things even quickly while performing basic routines using function 'F'  keys keyboard shortcuts. For the start, you need to memorize which function key perform which action on your Windows PC. Once you

Ways to hide & remove Ribbon in Office 2010

Ribbon is a part of every application in Microsoft Office (2007, 2010) suite. It is useful to quickly find commands you need to complete tasks in specific Office application. It display commands clustered into logical groups. You can click through specific tabs in ribbon to access more

Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts

Internet Explorer 9 sports all new look with jazzed up interface. New browser version has improved features and is faster than before. You can make web browsing more fast by using quick keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer 9 browser. You can perform most frequent and essential tasks