Facebook keyboard shortcuts


Facebook is an addictive social networking website.Do you want to speed up your Facebook experience?This can be easily done using quick Facebook keyboard shortcut hotkeys. You can toggle to Facebook homepage or access various setting pages using keyboard shortcuts as against manual clicking with mouse. Checkout following list of keyboard shortcuts for Facebook.com website.

List of keyboard shortcuts for Facebook

Alt + 1 Return to Facebook Homepage

Alt + 2 To goto Wall tab of your profile page

Alt + 3 To view Friends Requests list drop down list

Alt + 4 To view latest Messages list in drop down list

Alt + 5  To view Notification list drop down list

Alt + 6 To goto Account setting webpage

Alt + 7 To goto Account privacy configuration webpage

Alt + 8 To open Facebook fan page at facebook.com/facebook

Alt + 9 To open Facebook’s Statement of Rights & Responsibilities

Alt + 0  To open Facebook Help Center

Alt + m To create new message

Alt + ? For cursor control in the Search Box

Please note, there is no need to use + sign while using shortcut keys as listed above. Also, Firefox users need to use Shift key instead of Alt key in above keyboard shortcuts. [via mydigitallife ]



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