5 ways to disable Facebook Lite & Switch to normal Facebook


facebook-small-logoFacebook Lite was launched a while ago to allow faster surfing of Facebook on slow internet connection. Some users have reported problems using this lite version of Facebook. Most common being automatic login into lite version of Facebook instead of normal version. Following are few ways to disable automatic login into Facebook Lite:

UPDATE – Official way to switch between Facebook Lite & Regular

1. Manual Change of Facebook URL

After login, if URL is http://lite.facebook.com/ – remove word lite and try to access http://facebook.com for the normal version of Facebook.

2. Change Privacy Settings

While in Facebook Lite version: Click Settings, then click on Profile or Friendship link. You will get new screen to click on link that will redirect you to normal Facebook version.

3. Change Facebook Language

While in Facebook Lite version: Click Settings, and then click Language option. Chose language other than English and you will be automatically re-directed to normal version of Facebook with different language. Note: Facebook Lite only works in English language.

4. Clear Internet & browser history

You can manually clear internet and browsing history. Alternatively, you can use free software like Wipe to clean all the temporary data on the computer.

5 Flush DNS on the computer

Lastly, you can try flushing DNS cache on the computer and attempt to load normal Facebook. Click Start > Run and then type cmd in run box & click OK. In the black window, type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Then type ipconfig /registerdns and press enter.

Either of above way should fix Facebook Lite issue. If you know any other way to check on this issue, feel free to share with us by adding a comment.



  1. Jazz survive says

    Im using mobile phone I want to use normal site in my facebook but i can’t remove simplified site….and also i can’t download picture in my mobile phone nokia C3-00..


  3. good for access

  4. jahn binding says

    dude none of these helped me… what can i do dawg? this ain’t tight. facebook lite sux man. please help. any comment is welcome.



    2.IT SHOWS:

    When I go to Facebook.com, show me:
    1.Regular Facebook 2.Facebook Lite

    Let me switch between regular Facebook and Facebook Lite
    If you select this option, a blue bar will appear at the top of Facebook that enables you to switch back and forth between the two versions.


  6. Awesome… yahoo… yepeeee thanksssssssssssss a ton


    this link worked

    Thanks a lot

  7. Ricksplat says

    Awesome man
    this link worked for me
    Thanks a lot

  8. you can go to ur settings page, and select default site and the next appropriate settings.
    hope i solved ur problem

  9. bhai thank u yaar atlast i m back on my old version frm FBlite

  10. Ufffff!!! Relieved frm FB Lite… Thanks dude…lite.facebook.com/setting.. works very welllll. Thnaks now i am back to business

  11. Lite sucks big time

  12. lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/

    Thanks amman for this link…

    The lite facebook make me crazy

  13. these tips really work

  14. thank you sooo much
    the solutions given here really works.

  15. thnx a lot it helped a lot and i got rid of it

  16. lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/
    phew at last that fb lite thing is gone….any1 who s still havin problem try this link an really works

  17. Heyy I got rid of FB lite now. If anybody wnts to switch back to FB regular than go to ”feedback” dun strt writting feedback… ders an option on lft hnd side ”change to facebook regular” click on it.. It really works for me… Yeppi:)

  18. It dint work 4 me. That default settings method is useless.. I wnt to get rid frm FB lite.. Plz hlp me out frm dis.

  19. thank u so much mayank…..ur suggestion worked

  20. its really simple & official way to switch back to normal facebook permanently,,,,so try this wat u need to do is click on settings while u r on fb lite,,there u’ll see the option of default site,,jst click on dat,select regular facebook and save as simple as dat

  21. I’ve converted my facebook lite to facebook regular bt unable 2 see my wall it appears a blank page n nt able to see my chat option plzzzz… help

  22. THanks, it helped.

  23. Thanx Man ………. Very Thank Ful 2 yOu….. :):) s;

  24. plzzzzzzzzzz help i am not even able to see my homepage..my fb is not working at all … plz help me to get rid of facebook lite thing

  25. K, well my facebook is regular but when I go to click on homepage it’s just a blank page that says lite.facebook.com and it’s really starting to piss me off ): PLEASE HELP ME !

  26. hey pradeep thanls yaar. it worked 4 me

  27. Thanks guys, lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/
    worked for me.. Facebook Lite is good for minimal users.
    But not much features…

    But Facebook is the best of Social Networking still… :)
    Facebook rocks.

  28. wow.! phew manN..!! I cam bck 2 FB.!! yeppi..
    thnx guys.!! :)

  29. go here lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/

  30. VIVEK SHUKLA says

    i have done all that thig but its not worked so plz help me

  31. i can’t even get to my home page… wen i clik home it just goes blank… ders absolutely nthn on da page…noe y..?

  32. Hey guys another easy way!!
    go to settings>> default tab>> then select the option regular FB

    hope this helps.

  33. Log in to your facebook account. Go to Settings
    Select the option Default Site
    Select “Regular Facebook” option and also click the box below if you want fast switching between traditional facebook and lite version.

  34. its not working for me…plzzzzz help me to get back original facebook!!!!!

  35. im nt abl 2 get bak da normal version,..

    PLEASE HELP ME …………..


  37. Thanx a lot harsh!!! ur idea worked for me.. :) i’m really happy:)!!!!

  38. I can’t able to change facebook lite to normal facebook so please help me.

  39. Whoever goes on this are dumb! normal people would just type in ‘facebook’ on google!!!

  40. thanx hari dude whoever u r ur idea worked for me

  41. Utkarsh Goyal says

    thnx ….. i was worried wht hapned to my acc

  42. go to settings, in that near language settings you will find option to switch.

  43. I do not like ethir one of them help!!!!!!how do you get back to the origanal setting like when you first get a facebook

  44. facebook lite sucks

  45. hurray…got d solution from feedbak…it wrkd:d

  46. hii….
    i hav a trouble wid facebuk lite…i dnt wana dis disgustin version…weneva i go 4 setings..n clik on regular…it agains cum on d option offacebook lite…:(
    how to ovecum dis…??n get my regular version…

  47. Hi there…i have a major issue with facebook…when I sign in it lets me go on my way and shows as the regular version but if i click on ‘home’ my computer automatically reverts to lite.facebook.com (the page does not exist) my browser gives me a error message.
    Please help me fix this…I really want regular facebook back.
    Thanks in advance.

    • hi…..i had the same problem. its v easy tho. jus go to settings in dat default site and choose the option …dats bou it. i hope this helps. if it does help than add me. lol jus kidding. this works surely

      • thanks a lot rahul really its working… i’m very happy now… that FB lite make me tension… once again thanks a lot…

  48. THIS is the method that just wk’d for me (thank you for submission!):

    If your current facebook homepage is the lite version and if you do not like it then follow the steps: Settings->Default Site->Regular->Save.

  49. Kapil Agarwal says

    Go to the following link and change to Facebook Full


    :-) finally I got rid of it!!

  50. sumit sadana says

    Facebook lite sucks !!

  51. dude!!! thaank uuuu ( the lite was very annoying)
    and now i am freeee with it

  52. its not workin…..fb lite fucks & sucks

  53. guys plzzz plzzz help me….nothin is workin….fb lite f*cks & sucks!!

  54. If your current facebook homepage is the lite version and if you do not like it then follow the steps: Settings->Default Site->Regular->Save.

  55. No of the above said options are workin. Facebook Lite version sucks!

  56. thank u i hate facebook lite….

  57. the feedback thng really worked….was totally f”d up with d lite shitt….thnxx a lottt…!!! :D :D

  58. thanx atlast i escape from facebook lite…. itz worst!!!

  59. hey
    thanx a lot
    facebook lite sucks

  60. Setting –> Default

    When I go to Facebook.com, show me:
    Regular Facebook or Facebook Lite



  62. 1st go 2 d facebook setting in facebook lite..n than click on the default sie n choose the option u want..n u’ll get back ur normal facebook bersion…

  63. Hey i tried all t 5,,it doesn’t work try t 6th

    6. Go to settings —> Default site —>here u can select normal Facebook

    it works

  64. shivam97rules says

    hy! thks a lot
    going to feedback n 2 facebook really worked thanks a lot again

  65. wow..! it worked ..!!
    jst scroll dwn.. clik on feedback ….`~

  66. I got it.:D
    Click on settings and then click on feedback on your right corner,where you can suggest your views on facebook lite on that page youu will have an option to go back to the norml facebook!:D

  67. what were u guys thinking when u created facebook lite?!!!!!!! its horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz never xperiment again!!!!!!!!!

  68. click on feedback at the bottom of ur homepage window…you’ll c an option called…looking a way to get back to normal facebook..select tht

  69. jst follow tony’s suggestion……. choose settings, click default, choose regular facebook, save…. its done…… thnx tony!!

  70. facebook lite is horrible…i hav tried everything but its not working at all
    facebook lite sucks :'(

    • facebool lite really sucksssss a lotttttttttt…………the bestest way is suggested by tony…….thanks a ton.

      Choose default you will get a screen with 2 options. regular & lite. select & save changes. its done. you r back to your regular facebook.

  71. Hey guys…This info is for the one who wants to switch back to Facebook regular from lite …its simple go to Settings in Facebook lite…Choose default you will get a screen with 2 options. regular & lite. select & save changes. its done. you r back to your regular facebook. Have fun.

  72. navaneetha says

    thanx for the help !! it worked … :)

  73. harsh desai says

    to get back to normal fb here’s wht u do

    first on the fb lite page go to ‘feeback;… bottom right corner,

    there around where there is a feedback box u’ll find a command saying ‘click here’… just click on tht and volla,,, u r back to d old fb again…

    thank me immensely for the input… i worked hard to get it….

    go and do it!

  74. thanx vry much fb lite sucks

  75. best method is to click on settings………. then click on default website…………..then click on regular facebook and at last click on save changes

  76. Hi Viswaviraat,

    Thank You so much for your solution, it worked ! and Im so happy to see my regular facebook page :-). God bless you…

  77. shivaranjith says

    oooooooooooooo…thanks guys, hv changed from fb lite to fb by changing the settings , fb lite suks… :(

  78. A very simple way to switch back to your Regular Facebook

    Go to Settings >> Default tab >> Regular Facebook

    Well, this is how you got about it. While being the ” FACEBOOK LITE ” version, First click on settings tab. Then, search and click on Default Tab then, you will find two radio buttons select REGULAR FACEBOOK and click on SAVE.

    Thats all Folks!

  79. i hate facebook lite…
    but thank u… it worked !! it again changed to normal facebook….

  80. i hav tried a research and got this.this is really easy.
    1)goto settings in your facebook(fb)lite.
    2)click on ‘default site’ [ lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/ ]
    3)click on the ‘normal facebook site’ below.

  81. None of the options work. It seems to be possessed. Would stop using facebook. I hate when websites force you do stuff..Hate Lite.

  82. How about these 5 easy steps to disable lite


  83. hey how can i change to normal facebook

  84. hey

  85. hi thanks facebook


    here is a solution to go back to default facebook.
    On your face book lite page ..click on ‘Feedback’ at the bottom of the page. Just above the comment box, there is an option to move back to regular facebook
    like this….
    [Looking to get back to the regular Facebook? (Just click here)] buttonn.. click it
    & enjoy ur regular facebook

  87. karan arora says

    hey just go to settings there u will get option default site click that and select the option regular facebook and u will again enjoy regular facebook

  88. the easiest solution is:
    go to settings.then click on the default site option which u can find under the account option.
    d following q will then appear:
    when i go to facebook.com,show me:
    option 1:regular facebook option 2:facebook lite
    select option 1
    and click on save…thts it!!!..:)

  89. Yew can do it very easily…just go to your setting on ur facebook lite an there u ill have an option to switch for Facebook normal..!!!!!!!!!!

  90. guys,forget all these HI-TECH solutions
    d best solution for dumb people like me is when in facebook lite,click on settings
    den click on default site
    highlight the option regular facebook
    save it

    restart u r browser

    done,dats it
    worked wid my account
    trust me dis is d simplest way
    and for d URL solution and all d 5 solutions,none of dem work
    try my solution
    its d best of all

  91. Best thing just use another browser temp. till they fix all the damn issues on FB “light” – its so light that nothing works the way it used to!!!

  92. Just use another browser!

    then it asks if you’d like to give feedback for Facebook Lite, it also gives you an option to change back to Regular Facebook :)

    courtesy: Sheridon

  94. here is the sixth and official way to get this done onlyreadme.com/i-dont-want-facebook-lite

  95. Hey Guys if u wanna switch to normal facebook from facebook lite u need to reset ur internet explorer setting it can be done by internet options and by going to the advanced tab then press restore advanced setting and reset after that restart ur internet explorer and try logging into facebook again now u will b in the normal facebook

    Try it guys it worked for me !

    I Bet it will work !!

  96. “Dear Facebook Team,
    on 18/10/2009 my account has been disabled by an operator, because I used too
    functions on my Facebook account.
    I leave you my contact details to verify my account:
    – My account has been registered in an e-mail and is: ***
    – My name as it appears on Facebook was FERRENTINO VINCENZO
    – My date of birth: ***- My system network was ***
    – E-mail address originally associated with my account: ***
    – A link (URL) to my profile on Facebook was:
    I wait your noticies.”

  97. Hey Guys if u wanna switch to normal facebook from facebook lite u need to reset ur internet explorer setting it can be done by internet options and by going to the advanced tab then press restore advanced setting and reset after that restart ur internet explorer and try logging into facebook again now u will b in the normal facebook

    Try it guys it worked for me !


    Click on Settings .
    It opens up a page. In this page, there will be a blue pane on the top with your name. Click on YOUR NAME. You should now be redirected to facebook.com. Click home again lite would be gone !!!!

  99. I am really hating facebook lite…. what if it never gets back…

  100. Please provide a permanent solution….

  101. hey guys
    finally found some solution here

    if you guys wanna use your applications and accept your gifts etc
    try just change your link to this after you log in



    • hi ,
      thanks allot !
      i was waiting for this ! i have 22 gift requests and because of this lite facebook i could not accept them now i am able to accept

  102. Hey guy u can deactivate ur account and reactivate tru ur email

  103. I just dunno who the son of ditch created this fking idea of lite, If there was a lite edition, there should have been a option given to switch back, i Guess that this son of a ditches are running out of bandwidth, or some geek has hack into there setup. Anyways ive already lost interest on this fuckbook social networking site, i feel fuckbook moderators look into comments here. Give out an answer.

  104. Well, I also tried all the tips and they didn’t help. Nor did the one on clicking on my name!! Everything brings me back to the sickening Lite. I’ve sent a couple of complaints to Facebook — why aren’t they reverting those who’re complaining to the regular interface?

  105. i did try the laguage change option..but after dat i am nt able 2 log in into my accnct….

    • Hello,
      To solve this, U can go to “help” option from there click on any link inside any question.It will show u a screen where it will say that this is not available on lite version and u get a chance to login. try it out…


    • I am facing same issue as yours sam . Could you resolve ur logging issue?
      Please help

  106. nothing works, thats all a temporary solution
    u cannt goto facebook.com
    no matter what u try
    they totally screwed up..
    i joined fb to play games like farmville and all
    now i cant even access my gifts!!
    is there any way to access gifts????

  107. nitin kothari says

    if u wan switch to ur normal facebook from facebook lite…….jst do this….
    if u hav ur account connected through ny of ur mail id…. go on settings on facebook….. go to account settings………..after that deactivate ur account………nw….open ur mail account n then throught that open facebook…ur account will be activated again with normal facebook version.

  108. the solution given by sainath works but its temporary.

    Still you can manage..better thn fb lite.its a bullshit.

    just go to settings thn click on ur name wich is at the top next to search box.

  109. help me god…
    facebook lite sucks..
    looks like its created by some rival sites, may be they have sneaked their programmers to sabotage the facebook.

  110. I meant .. click on your name.

  111. Try this ..
    Click on Settings .
    It opens up a page. In this page, there will be a blue pane on the top with your name. Click on that. You should now be redirected to facebook.com :-)

  112. hey… 2nd option wrks vry fine 4 me!!! thanks… hate dat facebook lite!!

  113. hi!!
    i have tried changing my language the normal facebook came but when i click on the chat it does not come!! and now the whole facebook is in hindi and i dont know how to change it back…please help me….!!

  114. hi,
    even tried these above solutions, it does not work.. plzz help.. facebook lite is rubbish …

  115. y d hell facebook lite advent ! aroused !

    I want to get rid of it plzz help

  116. Doesn’t work! its horrible…. I feel so crippled using FB lite! Whose bloody brilliant idea was it anyways?

  117. hi,
    i tried all these solutions…it dosent work….iam unable to switch back to facebook standard….i hate facebook lite

    • yeah me too i hate facebook lite. please help me to do in any other way

    • Pradeep Sharma says

      When ou r on the Facebook Lite, click on the FEEDBACK option down below right hand side. The don;t start typing the feedback.

      You’ll gte the option to chnage to the regular Facebook regular JUST CLICK HERE. it worked for me |:) Hurray

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