Switch between Facebook Lite & Regular [official way]


We have seen 5 ways to disable Facebook Lite version. However, for few users even those 5 ways did not work to switch from Facebook Lite to Facebook Regular. Looks like, Facebook finally saw tears of Facebook users frustrated at not being able to switch back to Facebook regular from lite verion. Here is official way to switch to regular version, if you are still stuck in Facebook lite version:

Switch to Facebook Regular from Lite version

1. Goto Facebook.com and login into your account.

2. Click on “Settings” icon next to search box (as seen in screenshot).


3. Then click “Default Site” option or directly go to this URL http://lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/

4. Select Facebook Regular and click Save button.


Note: you will only see above options while using Facebook Lite. Alternatively, if you want to make quick switch from Regular Facebook to Lite version, just use URL http://lite.facebook.com and login into Facebook account. Above procedure ensure easy switching between regular and lite Facebook versions – take your pick!



  1. My facebook regular account changed to an ads account can anybody help me please

    YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! :D

  3. thanks a ton.. i was able to get out of “lite”.

  4. I was getting an empty page. So I think you could update the post (since google finds you up on the result for this issue) with a permalink to http://lite.facebook.com/settings/defaultsite/

    This way someone with trouble could just click on the deeplink to the settings page.

  5. by error i logged into facebook lite ……tried to change it back to normal facebook its giving me problems i am unable to do it……pls help this lite sucks man

  6. hey tanx dude
    its second tme its happnen 2 me

  7. Hey GUYS! Just wanted to thank u SO much for posting this and helping us change from fb lite to regular fb! SOOO happy thank u so much

  8. I have selected the facebook lite in error. Now I am not bale to go back to normal one. When I login it goes lite.facebook.com/ and the page is blank. I am using the Mozilla firefox. Please help.

    I am facing the same problem…

    Thanx man it did work…???

  9. hello..thank you soo much!! fb lite sucks :P

  10. krutarthsinh says

    Thanks so much !!!
    Finally back to Regular Facebook after being stuck with facebook lite for almost a week !!!
    Thanks once again.

  11. Sreenath Nair says

    I Tried The Feedback Procedure as said by:-

    Harshit says:
    February 18, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    When you go to the settings link, at the bottom of the page there is a feedback link. In that link also there is an option to switch back to the normal facebook. It worked for me. Try it out. :) . It was a relief to reset it.

    It Worked For Me.

  12. Typing facebook.com directs to lite.facebook.com, but the page comes up blank

  13. This doesn’t help in the instance I’m in:
    LITE was set as default.
    Typing facebook.com directs to lite.facebook.com, but the page comes up blank.
    There is NO way to access settings for LITE vs REGULAR from within regular facebook.
    (I get to regular facebook by surfing to a fan page – which only works in REGULAR.)
    However, when I try to read mail or anything, it goes back to LITE -which, as stated, doesn’t display for whatever reason.

  14. followed the procedure but its not happening….plz help how to do it its not comeing…………

  15. It worked finally….

  16. When you go to the settings link, at the bottom of the page there is a feedback link. In that link also there is an option to switch back to the normal facebook. It worked for me. Try it out. :). It was a relief to reset it.

    • i cannot get this to work… if i go to the lite facebook it is just a blank page! i can get intomy reg facebook, but if i try to look at a friends page it throws me back to lite fb…. I WANT TO SCREAM…… HELP ME PLEASE?????? I cannot get to any setting on the lite fb page sohow do you change it? There is no feedback…. blank page!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Harshit ..this finally worked for me after trying 20 other options

    • hey man tanks very much thanks to you or eles i was going to deactive my account. thanks once again. you got me a relief.

    • Thanks Harshit.. this is simply the best way to switch bak 2 Regular Facebook..!!

  17. oh thnx guys u saved mah life………

  18. I can’t change facebook lite to normal facebook so please help me.

  19. pls help me out this isnt working.. it switches back to lite again. is there any other way out

  20. danielle smith says

    please i have no settings on my facebook i dont have the regual facebook im seriously considering deleting my facebook if it hasnt changed and iv had me facebook nearly 11 years please help me xx

  21. esha yadav says

    there is no default site options in my acount setting…. pleasa help me i want my old layout facebook…… what should i do???

  22. Hi i tried your procedure but its not changing plz help me out……..

  23. thnx a lot……..it helped

    i was stuck wid that one

  24. thnx…………tried other tricks but didnt work ………only dis helped

  25. nice work thanx

  26. oH!finally it worked…thank you!!!!finally got rid of the darn thing

  27. its not working….it changes back to lite…plizzz help,need the regular facebook back

  28. hey that feedback thing works.. finally i am out of lite.
    thanks sanket

  29. hey try dat feedback link.. it works thanks sanket

  30. thankx man.. u saved me a lot of time..

  31. hey it really works…….thanks a ton…….i thout i lost it…..bot its back now

  32. i am able to switch to facbok i tried everything….

  33. man u made my lyf thanx

  34. No change.. It goes back to the facebook lite.. Im not able to change..

  35. Workd lyk a charm…. thnx man…. Facebuk been buggin me 4 quite sum tym, wid shit lyk privacy leak, n now dis Lite

  36. tihis thing doesnt work i felt like i am betrayed.i domt know how to go on.

  37. Its so dam irritating………….its just not working for me…i have been trying to switch over and over again, but the damn settings dont seem to change.

  38. skull unknown says

    arre u can just go to settings and change ur preference from facebook lite to normal facebook


  40. No change.. It goes back to the facebook lite.. Im not able to change..

  41. thnx it worked…!.

  42. Thanks a lot for the info !!

  43. Thanks for the info !!!

  44. Thnx sooooo much 4 helpin me change bck 2 fb….. coz fb lite was really buggingly confusing!! although it is faster itz a way bit more complicated….
    thnx a ton!! <3 ya….-:)


  45. even i tried the above procedure but its not working…am upset plz tell me another way to switch on to regular facebook.

    • Even i tried going to settings n changing my default site as regular facebook…but its not working so please tell me what to do…..

  46. Thanks….it worked:)

  47. Thanx. It worked :) So happy to get rid of that FB lite…

  48. it doesn’t work…………..

  49. i tried a lot bt its nt working can u tell me another way to switch

  50. I get automatically redirected to lite.facebook.com, and the page doesnt show up; nothing seems to work for me (tried the above; the settings page opens, but there is nothing called “default site”). basically my fb homepage doesnt open at all
    Any other suggestions how to get back to using fb?

  51. thanx….. it worked….

  52. it really work
    i m able to switch to normal facebook
    thank u site

  53. thnx dear.. it works..

  54. i am not able to switch to facbok i tried everything

  55. i am able to switch to facbok i tried everything

  56. thnk han,,,,,,
    its wrkng!

  57. hey guyz FB itslf is not working prop……its taking too much time to get loaded…sometimes page may not display prop….

  58. yeh! the option of going to the”feedback” at the bottom of the page of FB lite worked! thanks!

  59. @Sanket Modi
    love you for the solution. u simply crazy!!!

  60. i do not like facebook lite , want to get back on regular facebook and i followed the same procedure but its not happening please help me

  61. i want a regular version. i dn’t like a facebook lite version. please help me.

  62. i have tried Switching to Facebook Regular from Lite version but it is not working..evn though i click regular it goes to facebook lite

  63. sanket Modi says

    Everyone, here is a solution to go back to default facebook.
    On your face book lite page click on ‘Feedback’ at the bottom of the page. Just above the comment bos there is an option to move back to regular facebook
    This worked for me.
    Enjoy your regular facebook now :)

  64. yes evev me tried ..it is not working..evn though i click regular it goes to facebook lite

  65. thank u very much thank u thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  66. thanxxxx a lot it worked

  67. exactly!!..please help

  68. man you are cool
    thanns for helping me
    I was very upset from the facebook lite

  69. I followed the procedure but its not happening..

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