delicious + Digg = Tagz, Share web links & Tag them


We have already seen so many Digg clones, is ‘tagz’ another one? First impression does not remind of Digg but interface does remind of good old delicious with dots.

Thilak from tech-buzz and his brother Jeethu are people behind ‘tagz’. They are not crooning, its an original idea, concept blah blah. About page say it all – Tagz is a result of marriage of best of ‘Digg’ ‘Reditt’ and ‘Delicious’.

“… delicious proves that collectively, people tend to pretty accurately tag items. OTOH, while social news sites like Digg, Reddit and the zillion other clones (and forks) tend to focus on comments and the community aspects, their taxonomy tends to be very rigid. So, I thought of marrying the two ideas.”

First thing that strike you is super clean interface. Besides the usual login, it also allows access using OpenID. Popuar tags sits on right sidebar and of course you can search tagz using search box. Navigation links are clean and load speed is fine.

A unique stand out logo should do good to establish brand identity. More user activity can really blossom ‘Tagz’ user submitted web links service. Hope they have adequate hardware to handle extra traffic otherwise it will stumble and fumble like Indianpad does most often!



  1. And you should really check out the “whats new” link on the top right. I am equally excited about it as the bookmarks I get from the main site. ;-)

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