How to approve, reject or remove tags added on Facebook

Tagging feature is very popular among Facebook users where your name can be tagged to specific post, photo or publication on Facebook. With newer Privacy Controls, you can now selectively and manually approve, remove or reject tags related to your Facebook profile on specific post or

How to mention / tag Facebook friend in message

Do you want to add profile link reference of specific friend in message on Facebook? You can easily tag and mention any Facebook friend using a handy shortcut routine. Final message has active profile link of specific Facebook friend which readers can click and know more about person being

Remove EXIF, COM, IPTC meta tags from images

Every image has embedded EXIF, COM, IPTC tags that hold basic information about specific image including: aperture, shutter speed, ISO value, camera model, focal length, time and date. Meta Stripper is a free portable tool to remove and clean images from such tags quickly in a batch

Face detection & auto fill for photo tagging on Orkut

Photo Tagging allows you to identify 'many' persons in a group photo and helps you tagg individual faces with their respective names (and Orkut profiles). Orkut has now introduced "Face Detection" to make photo tagging process real easy. This feature will attempt to recognize faces in

Explore Google Books ebooks with Tag Cloud keywords

Google Books has added interesting Tag Cloud feature that allows quick exploring of ebook content. On the ebook listing page you will notice Tag Cloud with title "Common Terms and Phrases" [click to see example]. As expected, it shows important and most used keywords, tags, phrases in the

delicious + Digg = Tagz, Share web links & Tag them

We have already seen so many Digg clones, is 'tagz' another one? First impression does not remind of Digg but interface does remind of good old delicious with dots. Thilak from tech-buzz and his brother