digg it… now Indian Style!


For starters who do not know digg, its a user submitted link website. Users submit stories, vote for them and comment on them. Stories that get maximum hits or diggs get pushed to front page… simple!

But this simple concept was so popular that digg.com is one the most traffic website – see this. Cashing on this concept and in an effort to provide content specific to India many new Indian version have cropped up, Obviously these are not run by original owners of digg, just in case you were thinking.

Here goes my list…

1. Indianpad – I think this is best digg-ing site specific to India. I myself is an active user of this site. Very clean interface and best part no intrusive ads. Whats more, a user can also earn by showing ads on the stories submitted by him/her.

For your information, Indianpad has been growing really fast, though it is heard that Google AdSense programs has taken off their ads from it, after some copyright stuff (mp3s my guess) was posted by some users.

2. GyanIn – [gyanin.com – not available] Another brother of digg, looks very similar in design. Site still looks at initial stages. But it is worth to check out. Site loads fast and clean interface may tempt you to digg here. I did find some interesting stories there, you may also find some. Happy digg-ing.

3. Rambhai – Don’t fret, I have not put any mythological site in here. Its a strange name for a digg brother. Owner of the site could have named it diggBhai, but chose Ram as you would know the importance of word Ram in India.Nevertheless, coming to site. It has usual categories and glossy interface. Stories put up in a really nice manner with the facility to vote them.

4. Putvote – Here goes another one, nice name and nice effort put in there. One thing to mention is the use of mis-spelt names which is certainly attractive – like use Lastesht instead of Latest, Blaags instead of Blogs. Munna bhai inspiration I guess! I think site can improve on a design, its way too simple, just like mine HAHAHA. Can certainly put in some glossy banners and heading for attraction.5. NewsCola – Just another clone user submitted content site, nothing exciting. One part that caught my attention is – it is promoted by IBIBO, remember them? These are they same guys who have launched www.ibibo.com and want to give you crores of rupees if you blog there, strange concept Blogger does not give me anything but I still love it!

6. IndiaBytes – [IndiaBytes.com – Not available] Here is the last one, really by this time I am feeling as if… all of them are using same script just changing color of their sites and making fool of people trying to access them, that includes me also!

To wrap up, just another clone of big brother digg… NOTE – no Shilpa Shetty involved here and none of above comments are racist. Above were few websites I found, hope you like it. If I missed any or you have something interesting to share: Add a comment or mail me!




  1. Good Info.
    Kindly add diggindia.com to the list..

  2. Stewart Sodawasser says

    I’m not sure why but this web site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists. Many thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. It’s nice seeing sites that are focused on India. I know I am a little to find this, but thanks again.

  4. Vinoth Kannan says

    Thanks for your resources. Its pretty useful…


    I have another one website which is like Digg :- kijj.in

  5. Nice info buddy, i needed these stuff.

  6. Here is one more site 3hrill.com

  7. digg is well know site. good show from indian book marking site also. hmmm well done

  8. Another digg style site is DipLinks.com (http://www.diplinks.com), i linked it because…

    – submission is easy
    – makes direct link to your site without no-follow
    – every story is published on home page after 15 kicks automatically
    – you can also post your links behind your names in comments area.


    • MyIndiaMyNews.com is another great digg like like with great theme.

      MyIndiaMyNews, This web portal is an effort to highlight and spread positive images of India. Why? Every media, for some unknown reason projecting and telling “only one story” about India. Poverty! Most of the NRIs and those visited and aware of media in countries other than India know that, media is using India as contrast to project their own motives. They never ever want to publish positive stories of India. Enough is enough. In this web site we are going to concentrate on only POSITIVE STORIES. Why? As we know the whole world seems to be working on projecting negatives, so we need not put energy in that aspect.

  9. very funny and interactive


  10. very cool info

  11. Wow that’s a cool list and your site is damn coolest.

  12. Few days back i also started a Digg like site meant for Indians because of Digg neglecting Non-US links/strories in a bad way. Also Indianpad n other famous ones are full with spam.

    Visit my site – http://urlpix.com

    I’ve planned to make it full of Desi/India related news,stories etc.

  13. Hey.. I found one more.. http://www.ZZYGG.com.
    What did You ZZYGG today?

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  15. bookmarks.nazariya.com

  16. Business 2.0 print magazine published list of Digg Clones in various countries and chose http://www.BestOfIndya.com as the Digg Clone for India. You can check the scan of the list here at http://www.bestofindya.com/tools/boiinb2.jpg :)

    • i think its better than most of the above sites and most of the above do not work… the worst part is in most of the site if u delete cookies you can vote again and again they dont even have a proper database
      adroitnews.com we have managed to make it a better experience

  17. http://www.humsurfer.com is another one, quite a lot of them out there, anyone with a full india specific list ?

  18. Anonymous says

    What happens when a billion Indians run Pligg?!?!


  19. Anonymous says

    The war of the clones :) I wonder what makes these guys think that they’ll be the “next Digg” :) It’s a farce dude.

    Can’t I, we, us Indians create something unique and indegenous? Is copying stuff off others (Digg.com in this case) the best we can do? I guess we are all just good for IT slavery, working as technology “programmers” … never rising beyond the cubicle and inventing technology. Shameful :(

    • I totally agree with you. Never in the history of mankind has indian created anything that is original and the first in the world. It its either that we are too afraid to start something new and go after the fast money or maybe we are just too stupid to think something original. Whatever it is we suck.

  20. Anonymous says

    Indianpad is the best one, but the may face taught competition. Readster (http://www.readster.de) one of the social in Germany would expand to India soon.


  21. Anonymous says

    About rambhai, I thought these guys named it after some chai-walla. Here is the story:

  22. One cool digg india kinda site is at:

    Mahaweb World

  23. Anonymous says

    I found another…not very Digg like, but similar.


  24. Anonymous says

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