Earn Money by Selling Pages of a website !


Innovation is mother of all. Every one knows the common ways to earn money online like: big daddy google adsense, banner ads, pop up ads, inlines ads, popin ads, affiliates etc etc etc.

Here is an innovative way to monetise a website… simply sell different pages on your website. For example www.yourwebsite.com, you can sell www.yourwebsite.com/page1 and make some cool money.

Is anyone doing this? Yup found one example who is doing it with relative success, sold about 627 pages as the website claims.

Website in focus is: Million Dollar Wiki 

This person is selling a page for $100 piece. Considering he has sold over 627 pages means, this guy has already made wopping $627oo

Not only he is selling pages, but homepage also have sections like ‘Featured Pages’ and ways to make your page profitable. So, do you want to buy a page there or want to sell a page on your site? Bells ringing…



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